queer erotica

[short] A Taste of the Sea

They taste like the sea I can almost hear crashing against the sand, only more so. The flavor of their cunt fills my mouth and my heart at the same time. I know instantly that this is what I’ve been missing. Who am I kidding. I knew that years ago. I’ve known that since the night in the rose garden where they parted their legs at just the right time for the scent of their cunt to mix with the sparse and lonely rose blossoms near us.

[short] Fight Back

It all happens in the blink of an eye. One moment I am just standing behind them, lovingly chatting about what we both want and the next my tits are pressed against their back and my hand is around their throat. I sink my teeth into their trapezius muscle and bite down until I’m sure I’m bruising them. They gasp and twist to the right and try to duck out of my hold.

[short] Stay Still

I slide the scarf off of their neck and give them a lingering kiss on the soft skin I’ve exposed. My teeth brush along their skin, teasing them with the idea that I’m going to bite them. Of course I will, just not yet. That would be too easy, too quick. I’m feeling much more playful than that. They at least have to beg for it first. “I want you to just relax there, baby.

[short] A Thorough Caning

The pencil thin cane slaps into the smooth skin of their ass. It’s not the deep thunk of a paddle, or the flesh-tearing bite of a whip. It’s something else entirely. I can see the twin, red welts raising quickly on either side of where I landed the blow. I’m sure they’ll fade quickly, if I let them. My partner lets out a sigh and relaxes into the bed. Their breathing slows and their head snuggles deeper into my left thigh.

[short] Liminal Beach

From here it’s just water to the horizon in front of us. The curved beach stretches out its arms to either side, embracing the waves as they approach. This could be paradise. I lay back on the blanket, narrowly avoiding laying my wet hair in the sand. “Can I lay there with you?” They block out the brightest part of the still-glowing dusk sky. “Always, babe.” I spread my arms.

[short] Alley

The cool air bites into their shoulders as I lead them out into the alley. It’s meant to be a shortcut back toward the garage where we parked, but I have other plans. My fingertips press against the small of their back can feel the sheen of sweat from our dancing turn cold. “Baby, you must be freezing.” They aren’t used to the chill. It’s their first visit here and the late spring air is warm to me, but I think it’s probably chilly for them.

[short] Full Bloom

The desert is in full bloom. We came out to the desert to ride around and watch the landscape change. We rode around the broken, dirt roads between clumps of flowers and green-tinged brush for hours, just enjoying the late March air and seeing the colors light up the landscape. Riding through the desert was fun, but it wasn’t private enough, with all the cars on the roads and the people out taking pictures.

[short] Halfway

They stir in the bed next to me without waking. Dawn is hours off yet, but it feels like I should be up already. The hotel bed is firmer than my mattress at home. It’s not bad, just different. I turn my head to look at them, watching the slow meter of their breathing. They’ve relaxed and settled down again. Dark, bristled hair is pressed against my shoulder, gently pricking at my bare skin.

[short] Misplaced Innocence

Connection “Hey, love. We’re here,” Chris calls into the kitchen. I put down the snacks I had been preparing and walk over to the door. Chris is leading her new friend from work into the house. “Hi there! I’m Liv.” I hold out my hand to her and give her a wide smile. Making new friends is hard—I’m putting in the effort. “Mel. Melissa.” She even seems unsure of what she wants me to call her.

[short] Squirmy

“Feeling a little squirmy?” I snuggle in next to her on the couch, where she is lounging in a tee shirt and panties, scrolling through something on her phone. She’s been wiggling against the couch for a little bit. It’s so cute that all I can think about is watching her. Encouraging her. She blushes bright red and puts down her phone. “Maybe?” The way she says it, it sounds like a question.