[short] Misplaced Innocence


“Hey, love. We’re here,” Chris calls into the kitchen.

I put down the snacks I had been preparing and walk over to the door. Chris is leading her new friend from work into the house.

“Hi there! I’m Liv.” I hold out my hand to her and give her a wide smile. Making new friends is hard—I’m putting in the effort.

“Mel. Melissa.” She even seems unsure of what she wants me to call her. Maybe she’s just nervous.

She’s cute and shy. Awkward. She’d be my type if we weren’t so desperate to just find new friends. “Mel? Nice to meet you!” I shake her hand warmly. “Come in and make yourself comfortable. I’m just going to finish getting snacks together and we can start the movies.”

Chris chimes in, excited, “Yes!”

“I’ll be right back.” I walk back to the kitchen and leave them to get settled. The sound of soft conversation drifts in from the living room while I get back to setting up some of my favorite homemade snacks. I know I’m putting in more effort than is strictly required, but when I’m nervous I cook.

“Oh my god! You read Olivia Dromen?” Mel’s voice cuts through my fog.

I close my eyes tight, readying myself for anything.

“Actually, those are Liv’s books.” Chris laughs.

I don’t think the meaning is quite clear enough, but that’s okay. I grab the snack tray and head to the living room.

“You like Olivia Dromen?” Mel is asking with way more enthusiasm than I would have expected. “I don’t think I’ve ever even met anyone who knows who she is. She’s my favorite author!”

I place the tray down on the coffee table. “I… Actually, I am Liv Dromen. That’s my pseudonym. I wrote those.”

Mel squeaks and her face flushes until it is bright red.

I continue, “It’s a real pleasure to meet someone who has even read them, let alone a real fan.” I give her a big smile.

On her face I can see her thoughts working through her brain. Embarrassment followed by curiosity, followed by a tentative conclusion, followed again by covering her mouth and blushing in embarrassment. “That means…” Her eyes go wide and she turns to face Chris. “That means you’re…”

Chris nods. “She wrote some of them for me.”

“Oh my god.” She collapses onto the couch and motions for Chris to sit down next to her.

I take the far side. I want to give her space.

“Do you want to talk about it?” I want to make her feel comfortable without pressuring her. “Or should we watch a movie?”

“Oh, we can start the movie.” She looks like she has more to say, so I don’t reach out for the remote. “No… I mean. I think I’d rather talk.”

I wait, patiently, my hand resting on Chris’s thigh.

“Do you really…?” She trails off in embarrassment. Her thighs press tight together and she sits upright on the sofa. I don’t want to read too much into this, but it looks like she’s turned on just talking about it.

“Do we really do those things?”

She squeaks again, nodding.

Oh my goodness, she’s too cute. “Yes. Most of them are based on real experiences, though some are idealized versions of those experiences or combinations of a few different events.” I remind myself that this is a request for information. She’s not asking to join in or anything.

“Wow. I wish I… Fuck!” She slams her hand over her mouth and squeezes her eyes shut.

“Shhh. It’s okay, Mel. We’re all adults and you already know what we like. You have nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Chris chimes in, “Really. I don’t think anything can shock Liv anymore.”

I chuckle. It’s probably true, though this is coming mighty close. It’s almost as unbelievable as a cute pizza delivery girl deciding to seduce me instead of continuing her shift.

She takes a deep breath. “I wish I could, I don’t know, watch you two.”

“Just watch?” Chris asks. That’s bold of her. I like it. Maybe they’ve been flirty at work.

“At first.” She is very red, but it looks like she is relaxing into the moment, rather than focussing on her worries.

“Okay. I’m down.”

Chris responds, “Fuck yeah.”


Chris turns to me smiling. She leans in close to whisper in my ear. “Miss Liv, will you please suck my clit?”

Laughing, I respond, “Baby, we have a guest. You shouldn’t whisper.”

She leans back up, her eyes wide. “Sorry.”

“Don’t tell me, tell her.”

“I’m sorry, Mel. I won’t whisper again.”

Mel looks nonplussed.

“Good girl. Now tell her what you just asked me.”

Chris blushes. “I asked Liv if she would go down on me.”

I click my tongue. “That’s not quite what you asked.”

“Eep. I… asked Liv to suck my clit.”

“Good girl. Now stand up and get naked for us.” I’m glad there’s a fire going in the fireplace. It might have been too chilly in here otherwise. “I know you like showing off.”

A speckled red blush runs down Chris’s face into as much of her chest as I can see with her shirt on. She stands and starts slowly undressing. One layer at a time.

Mel squirms nervously in her seat. I’m tempted to tell her she can masturbate and we wouldn’t care, but I figure she can manage her own comfort level. She asked for this after all.

Finally Chris pushes down her underwear and steps out of them, facing me.

“Thank you, baby.” I gesture, making a circle with my fingertip. “Now turn around, love. I want Mel to get a good look.”

Chris turns slowly around, a smile creeping across her face.

Mel meets her eyes and then lets her gaze slide down her body, absorbing every inch.

“Good girl! Thank you.” I lean forward so I am on the edge of my seat. “Stand right in front of me, so I can suck your clit.” I drop my knees down to the floor and move forward so that I’m kneeling right in front of Chris’s crotch. “Mel, if you want to come closer you can.”

Shifting my weight forward, i part Chris’s labia and lick slowly up from her exposed vagina to just past her clit. She tastes and smells amazing. I moan softly. “Fuck! You taste so good.”

“Thank you!”

“Move your feet apart just a bit. I need to get closer.”

She shifts her feet, exposing herself completely.

I look back over my shoulder at Mel, seeing her entranced expression, before I dive in, taking Chris’s taut clit into my mouth. My lips seal around it and my tongue slides over the tip, feeling every bump and every tremor.

Chris moans and her hands find the back of my head.

I press forward, sucking more of her into my mouth. Then I release and slide back. My lips and tongue fuck her clit, as I thrust my face into her.

I moan into her cunt. I wish I had gotten naked, too, but this wasn’t exactly planned. I was just going with what felt right.

Mel moans behind me. I can feel her leg press against my side.

Chris’s fingers dig into my scalp. “Please!”

I let go with my lips and feel the liquid drip down my face. “Please what, baby?”

“Please can I come?”

I turn my head and look back at Mel, my face a slick mess of Chris’s juices. Mel’s jeans and underwear are pushed down her thighs and she’s rubbing her clit. “What do you think? Does she deserve to come?”

Mel nods repeatedly. I don’t think she can speak right now.

“Mmmm, you can cum, baby.” I lean forward to suck Chris’s clit back into my mouth, feeling her spasm against my tongue.


I can feel clothes being pulled off behind me, but I’m too busy sucking another orgasm out of Chris to stop what I’m doing.

Chris moans. Her fingers release my head.

Mel slides between my back and the couch. Her bare chest presses against my back and her hands grope around my body with more confidence than I would have guessed she had in her. Her left hand finds my breast and her right traces my clit through my skirt.

I release Chris’s clit and lean back into Mel. I can hear the groan of the sofa sliding across the floor a few inches. It isn’t important.

Mel’s left hand moves up to my chin to turn my face toward her. Suddenly she’s kissing me, tasting Chris’s juices and moaning appreciatively.

I moan into her mouth as her tongue explores my lips.

Her fingers press against my clit, trying to grab it through the fabric.

I cover her hand with mine to try to guide her. My fingertips press her fingers flat against my clit and slowly make a circular motion. We can worry about more complicated things after I get out of these clothes.

Chris lowers herself down to the floor, kneeling in front of me so that she can kiss my neck. Her hands are on me as well, and then they are on Mel.

I’m facing the wrong way to touch Mel. I let my left hand find the familiar territory of Chris’s cunt, sliding my fingers into her. My right hand still over Mel’s hand on my clit.

Mel leans her mouth into mine more firmly. I try to kiss her, to take control, but she just backs off, teasing me. Clearly I’m not in charge of everything today.

I decide to relax into it.

I look down between my body and Chris’s, to see Chris’s arm passing next to me, she’s fucking Mel’s cunt in the same way that I’m fucking hers.

I can’t even begin to form words, but I can take control of that rhythm. I start moving my fingers faster and harder inside Chris. I know just what she needs in order to be pushed over the edge. Her eyes lock with mine. I can feel her need building, but none of us appears to be capable of speech.

Mel’s fingers tear at my skirt, pulling it up over my clit. She rubs me with more purpose. I can feel the need and desire with her movements.

I just start nodding. I don’t want anyone holding back.

I’m surprised by the shuddering and moaning behind me. Mel is so quiet in her orgasm that it almost feels like it isn’t happening, but Chris just keeps going, because I keep going—faster and harder, trying to coax another orgasm out of each of these beauties.

Mel comes again, louder, more relaxed and natural. Her scream is right in my ear.

I can feel my own orgasm crest over me, breaking in white light as I feel Chris and Mel kiss over my left shoulder—as Chris’s cunt twitches around my finger in a long orgasm. Her wetness covers my hand and wrist.

We’re looking each other over in surprise at our ardor. I decide to lay down on the floor and figure out what is happening next.

Mel breaks the silence, “I think you’re overdressed, Liv.”