[short] Touch

I find the weight of their head as it rests on my lap so comforting. It helps that I can play with their hair with one hand and rub their back with my other. After all, our relationship is maintained by touch. The movie keeps going in the background of my thoughts, but it isn’t important. It doesn’t mean anything compared to how their hair feels between my fingertips, how their scalp presses back against my touch, or how they arch into my other hand as it gently pushes their shirt up so I can feel the smooth skin on their back.

They let a moan out into my thigh.

For a moment I wonder if they can feel my clit hardening under them, then I realize how silly the thought is. Of course they can feel it. In a second I’ll be poking them right in the temple.

They make another soft moan and snuggle deeper into my thigh.

I turn my eyes back to the screen. I want it to at least look like I am watching the movie as my hand moves around their back, feeling every muscle and bone as I glide over them. “Is this okay, princess?”

They smile against my thigh and turn their face up slightly more in my direction. “Yes, mommy. It feels so good.”

I let them relax back into watching the movie before I trail my fingers down their back to the elastic waistband of their pajama pants. The fingers of my other hand tighten in their hair as I slide my hand into their pants and run my fingertips over the roundness of their butt.

“Mommy,” they moan.

“Shh, baby. Just watch the movie. I just like touching you.”

My fingertips slide over their smooth skin, around the curve to the crease on the back of their thigh and follow that to their inner thigh and back up to their pussy. I don’t press inside. I don’t even really touch it. I just move my fingers near and feel their warmth and wetness.

“Fuck. Mommy!” The pleading in their voice is absolutely delicious.

“Just relax, sweetheart. Enjoy the show.” I bring my hand back up, tracing the curve of their butt again before starting my cycle all over again.

This time they arch their back more, trying to force me to touch their cunt.

I don’t let them, but I do appreciate that the way they are moving is letting some of their wetness slip out onto their thigh.

They let out a needy, whining “Please?”

“Shh. We are just getting to the good part.”

I can practically hear their pouting. They press their head backward as far as they can with my fingers tight in their hair. It brushes against my hard clit through my pants.

I tighten my grip so they can’t move their head anymore. I press them down harder against me. My fingers are still making their slow cycle over their ass and near their cunt.

“Fuck. Mommy.”

“Baby, I just want you as desperate for me as you can get.”

“But I already am!” they lie.

I chuckle. I know that I can push them further. I know they will be begging for me to fuck them before the credits roll. But it is time for me to up my game. I grab their hip and guide them onto their back.

Their legs instinctively fall so they are wide open, with the left one one laying against the back of the couch and the right against the seat.

I push my hand back into their pajama pants, feeling their soft bush with my fingertips.

They arch expectantly.

My other hand holds their head so they can’t twist to look at me. They can’t see how wide my smile is as I raise my hand inside their pants and bring it down onto their cunt with a firm slap.

The let out a surprised yelp.

I bring it up again and hit them just as hard again. This time their wetness covers my fingertips. The next slap sounds wet and squishy. “You really are a needy little slut, aren’t you?”

“Yes, mommy. I n-need you.”

“You need to get fucked.” Slap.

“Yes! I need to get fucked. Fuck your needy slut! Please!”

“You can’t even watch a movie without begging for it.” Slap.

“Please?! I need it.”

I bring my hand down again. This time I don’t pull back as I touch. My finger slides between their labia, reaching into the pool of their wetness before curling over their clit.

“Mommy! Please!”

My hand comes back up. “Ask me again.”


I slap their pussy again. This time two fingertips press inside them.

“Fuck me! Please.”

“I will. I promise. When the movie’s done.”