impact play

[short] A Thorough Caning

The pencil thin cane slaps into the smooth skin of their ass. It’s not the deep thunk of a paddle, or the flesh-tearing bite of a whip. It’s something else entirely. I can see the twin, red welts raising quickly on either side of where I landed the blow. I’m sure they’ll fade quickly, if I let them. My partner lets out a sigh and relaxes into the bed. Their breathing slows and their head snuggles deeper into my left thigh.

[short] Full Bloom

The desert is in full bloom. We came out to the desert to ride around and watch the landscape change. We rode around the broken, dirt roads between clumps of flowers and green-tinged brush for hours, just enjoying the late March air and seeing the colors light up the landscape. Riding through the desert was fun, but it wasn’t private enough, with all the cars on the roads and the people out taking pictures.

[short] Queen for a Day

“You’re sure you’re ready for this?” I turn the leather collar over in my hands, waiting for an answer. “Yes, my queen.” She decided on the title, not me. Still, it somehow makes me feel as powerful than any of the other things I’ve been called. In any case, I like having different people call me different things. I open the collar up and wrap it around her throat. A moment later it’s buckled on.

[short] Kitty and Toy

I gently lower Kitty’s bound body into the corner, sitting her up against the wall so she has a clear view of the bed. I pet her head and let her kiss my hand. She doesn’t really know what’s coming next. “Enjoy the show, pet.” She nods and rubs her head against my hand. That’s about the extent of her freedom of movement. I walk away from her. I open the closet and pull Toy out roughly.