anonymous sex

[short] Anonymous

I snuggle into her anonymous embrace a little tighter, aiming my mouth for her ear, I come very close to brushing my lips on the exposed skin on the side of her neck. “What’s your name?” “Does it matter?” Her tone isn’t dismissive. It merely tells me she’d prefer not to say. I lean up, taking myself far enough away from her that I can see her face and she can see my smile.

[short] I Wish You Would

“I wish you would just get inside of me,” she whispers across the dimly lit hotel hallway. The ice machine humming behind her. It is so casual, so quick, and so unexpected that I have to check if I heard right. “Excuse me?” After all, we had only barely exchanged glances. “Oh. Um… never mind. I thought you were… you’re clearly not interested.” Her face flushes and she turns to go.