Keep Me Here

keep me here. With your hands, Your mouth. Make it hard for me to get out of bed. Hard to think. Become my world, If just for a moment

Wishing and Wanting

I want to feel you won’t hold yourself back– you won’t avoid all the things you want you need to know I belong to you, my love– whether you can give me all I need right now I wish I could be good enough, wanted, sexy. you wish for energy, time, health to do right by me.

I Woke Up Like This

wantonly grinding against the mattress, wishing–hoping–for you behind me i can feel your hairy thighs tearing at mine– your fingers clawing into the soft flesh of my hips. my breasts take my weight as we (we? I mean I–you aren’t here, are you?) force the unwanted pillows off the bed. I breathe in the sheet, filling my nose with longing. Fingernails mark my hips. Teeth grab my shoulder. I push up, back, into you.