[short] Squirmy

“Feeling a little squirmy?” I snuggle in next to her on the couch, where she is lounging in a tee shirt and panties, scrolling through something on her phone. She’s been wiggling against the couch for a little bit. It’s so cute that all I can think about is watching her. Encouraging her.

She blushes bright red and puts down her phone. “Maybe?” The way she says it, it sounds like a question.

“You’ve been thinking about sex and now you don’t know how to ask for it?”

She nods. “You know me too well.”

I shrug. I don’t know if that’s true, but I can read her body language at least. I lean my head on the back of the couch, over her shoulder, and run my fingers along the hem of her top. My eyes scan down her body. That’s when I notice the wet spot on her panties over the telltale bulge. “You like when I call you out on it, don’t you?”

She nods, her blush getting darker and more pronounced.

My hand slides under her top, resting gently on her midsection. The key to maximizing her frustration is to hold myself back just enough. “How about you rub yourself for me? I want to watch.”

She swallows. “Okay!” Both of her hands reach down to grab the waistband of her panties, to slide them off.

“No, honey. Leave those on for now.” My hand slides up to cup her breast. My thumb gently brushes against her nipple.

“Ungh. Okay. Whatever you say.”

“Mmhmm. Be a good girl and do what I tell you to.”

She slides her hand into her panties and starts rubbing herself for me.

My lips press against her neck. I moan softly—right next to her ear.

Her fingers move faster now.

I look back down her body. My thumb and forefinger capture her nipple and squeeze firmly. I can see the wet spot becoming darker. “You really did need this, didn’t you?”

“Yes! I did. I do.”

I kiss her ear. “Thank you for being such a good girl for me.”

She shoves her shoulders back against the couch.

“You like when I call you a good girl?”

“Yes!” Her breath hitches. Her hand speeds up in her panties.

I let go of her nipple and push the fabric of her shirt up past her tits. My hand cups the left one and I lean over to take it in my mouth. My tongue twines around her nipple, feeling it twitch and harden at each touch. I draw back my lips and slide my teeth across her skin.

“Fuck. Please? Can I come?”

I let her nipple go from my mouth. “Not yet, darling.” My teeth find a patch of skin on her breast and I bite down hard, sucking the skin into my mouth as I do.

“Holy fuck! Please?” Her hand is pumping inside her panties, pushing them down her hips with each thrust.

I almost feel bad about making her stretch them out. Almost. I find another spot and bit down again. This time I pulse my jaw as if I’m chewing through her skin. She’s going to have some pretty, and tender, bruises later.

“Please? I need it.”

I catch her eyes with mine, but I keep biting.

”I’ll do anything! I’ll be a good girl.”

I growl low, then open my mouth and say, “Yes. Come for me. Show me what a good girl you are.”

It’s almost instantaneous. She screams and arches her back.

Her tit slams into my mouth and I bite down again. I moan into her chest, growling and biting at her as she lets all of her pent up tension out.

“Fuck! Thank you.” She relaxes against the couch.

I kiss her lips slowly. “You deserved it, you’re my good girl.” I scan down her body. Her limp hand is still in her soaked panties. “Though I think you made a bit of a mess.”