[short] Full Bloom

The desert is in full bloom. We came out to the desert to ride around and watch the landscape change. We rode around the broken, dirt roads between clumps of flowers and green-tinged brush for hours, just enjoying the late March air and seeing the colors light up the landscape.

Riding through the desert was fun, but it wasn’t private enough, with all the cars on the roads and the people out taking pictures. I’m glad we booked the little vacation rental for the weekend. The come out of the shower, after rinsing off the dust from the day and head to their bag.

I just shake my head. “Don’t worry about that. You don’t need to get dressed yet.”

“No? I don’t?”

I chuckle. “Nope. As far as I’m concerned, you don’t need to get dressed until we leave tomorrow.”


I interrupt. “And I’m in charge. That’s what you wanted, isn’t it?”

Their face turns red and they bring their hand up to shield it from view.

“Fuck, you are so sexy like that. Blushing when you get what we both know you want.”

Their other hand joins the first in front of their mouth.

“And blushing more when I call you on it.”

“Shut up.” They are just giggling now.

“Me? I’m just trying to give you what you want.” I push the straps of my dress off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. I am naked. Confident. “Get on the bed.” I’m not playing around anymore. Their excitement overcomes their embarrassment and they scurry to the bed, hopping on. They kneel there, practically begging for me to hurry up.

I walk slowly over to my bag and I pull out the toys I’ve brought. We packed light, but I brought the essentials: a paddle and a strap on. I step into the harness and cinch the straps down so nothing is sliding around. I enjoy their eyes on me as I do it. I can’t get enough of how they look at me. The smile on their face is enough to tell me they are into what’s coming. Not that I’m surprised.

I sit down on the right side of the bed with my legs hanging down. The purple cock between my legs is mostly laying down along my thigh, so I don’t have to adjust it.

They are playing with their lip, rubbing their fingertips on it in anticipation.

I pat my thighs. “Come over here, sexy.”

They almost bounce on their knees in excitement as they maneuver over to my lap. They lay down across me, ass in the air, with their tum pressed against the cock.

My left hand runs through their short hair and slides down so my fingers can find their mouth. My thumb caresses their cheek as I tease their mouth slowly. My right hand slides the hard oak paddle over their unmarked ass, gently making circles. I want them to be used to the feel before I start hitting them.

Their whole body is tense, excited. They are humming low as they try to lick and suck my fingertips into their mouth.

I whisper into their ear. “You want this?”

They nod enthusiastically.

“You’re sure?”


“I’m going to be rough!”

“Pleeeeease!” they whine.

I bring my arm back and take a playful swat with the paddle. I’m starting off light.

They are practically purring. With each slap of the paddle, they descend slightly until their pelvis is pressed firmly against my thigh.

I bring the paddle down harder.

They let out a squeak.

I slam it into them again.

They start grinding against my hip, their thighs pressed hard together.

“When I’m done paddling you, I’m going to fuck you. Hard. I’m going to fuck you from behind against that wall over there. You know that, right?”


I increase the intensity of the blows, carefully alternating sides so I’m bruising their ass evenly. “And when I’m done fucking your cunt, I’m going to fuck your throat. You’re going to be a mess tomorrow, baby. I promise.” My left hand wraps gently around their throat. I am not squeezing, I just want them to know I’m in charge.

As if they could forget. I’m using my whole body to slam the paddle into them now. The blows are slower, but much harder.

Their eyes are slitted, as if they are trying to hold back tears, but the tears are pouring down their cheeks anyway.

I pause to check in. We both needed this catharsis, but I’m not going to stop there unless they need me to. “You’re doing such a good job, baby. You can take just a little more for me, right?”

A sob wracks through their body.

I wait.

“Yes, Liv.” They sob as they say it, but it’s the most real, most sure thing they’ve ever said to me—at least in this moment.

I slam down again and again, as hard as I dare. The purple welts on their ass raise up, then deepen into bruises fully. “I’m so proud of you. Thank you.”