[short] A Taste of the Sea

They taste like the sea I can almost hear crashing against the sand, only more so. The flavor of their cunt fills my mouth and my heart at the same time. I know instantly that this is what I’ve been missing.

Who am I kidding. I knew that years ago. I’ve known that since the night in the rose garden where they parted their legs at just the right time for the scent of their cunt to mix with the sparse and lonely rose blossoms near us. I’ve thought about it often as we moved through the years. I couldn’t shake the scent. I didn’t want to.

Now I know for real. I know that they taste divine, like some prototypical pussy from which all others are but inadequate copies. At least that is how I experience it in this moment. The chemical compatibility we have is incredible and I just want more. I will never get enough, but I will do everything I can to try.

My tongue gently slides over and between their labia, pushing into them. My mouth goes a little dry out of nervousness, but the tip of my tongue finds the well of moisture I’m seeking. Holy shit, this is absolutely amazing and it just gets better. My soul has left my body. This is too much.

Their thighs press against my ears. I start hearing the not-quite-surf of my own body.

I catch myself moaning gently into them, almost lost in the roar of the waves in my ears.

Fingers clutch at my head and their hips push up against me.

I moan louder. My feet are kicking like I’m just learning to swim. I feel like I’m getting tossed around in the surf.

I part my lips to open their labia. The broad flat of my tongue drags up toward their clit and I latch my lips around it, sucking. My tongue moves over their clit: down and up, down and up. I press my toes into the mattress and push forward, fucking them with my whole face.

The room starts creaking like it’s made of thirty year old bed springs. I’m honestly not sure if it’s because we’re fucking, but I slow down a touch to try to figure it out.

Their fingers dig into my scalp. “Fuck! Liv!”

I don’t fucking care about the noise. I don’t care if I’m going to make them scream and the clerk at the desk will get an earful of my girlfriend’s orgasm. I don’t care that the whole hotel sounds like it’s hosting a key party just because I’m gently fucking their cunt with my face. I speed back up. We both need this.

“Fuck! Please!” It’s not a question.

I grunt once. I don’t want to break my connection for a second.

Their hands fly from my head to their mouth. They make a sound that’s half halted squeak and half low moan. There are no words. I’m not sure there ever will be again.

I keep moving in the same rhythm, the same intensity, varying it only in how the tip of my tongue moves over their cunt.

Their flavor changes, becoming more intense: saltier and more metallic. I feel the splash of their come against my mouth.

I’m stunned. This is heaven. I just need more from them. My tongue draws me down lower, exploring the opening of their cunt gently. I barely get the tip into them when they are clawing at my head again.

“Fuck! Liv! Again! Please? Again?” There is panic in their voice. It is absolutely delicious.

I push my tongue into them for real. A single grunt of assent reverberates through their body.

The wave crests and they are coming all over my upper lip and into my mouth as I thrust my whole body into them with my toes.

“Holy shit! Again?”

I give them a long, low moan, savoring the moment as I draw out another long orgasm from them.


And again. Over and over, we swim through these orgasms.

Moments or hours later they are pushing my hands awaymy hands that have just been pressed into their hips this whole time, keeping me steady and close to them.

I come up for air finally, gasping.

Their hands are on my cheeks, pulling me up toward them. “Fuck! Princess! I… I didn’t know.”

I want to say, “I know. It’s okay. Everything is fine.” but I’m thinking: I didn’t know either.