queer quickies 6

[short] Cock Thirst

I slam her cock into my mouth, pressing down as hard as I can as I open my throat to her. My tongue presses against the underside and I suck her in deeper. She’s moaning in surprise and pleasure. My fingers trace the outline of the harness she’s wearing under her boxers. I imagine that I can feel her wetness seeping through even though I probably can’t. My mouth starts moving up and down on her cock.

[short] Date Night

Cocksucking I push her back on the couch so hard she bounces a bit when she lands. Before she can gasp in surprise, I’m on my knees. My hands are expertly pulling at her belt and tugging down her zipper. I open up her pants and pull the silicone cock out through her boxers. “God, you’re beautiful.” Even I’m not sure if I’m talking to her cock or to her.