[short] Im Keeping You

I’m nervous? Why am I nervous? I know exactly what I’m doing. I’ve done this thousands of times before with so many different people. I’m good at this. Of course, this is the first time we are in the same place together after months of just being a voice and a face on the screen.

I lead her in through the porch, to the door that only goes to my room. She doesn’t need to go through the whole house. She doesn’t need to meet my housemate yet.

I flick on the light switch. She can see my room, my oversized bed, the art on the walls.

“Oh! This looks so cozy!”

I am so in love with her. I can’t help myself. Whatever else she was going to say is interrupted by my hand around her throat pushing her back into the door I’ve just closed behind us.

She lets out a surprised squeak. Her lips part in a soft smile.

I’m finding my footing on familiar ground. “You like that? You like when I take control like this? When I take what I want.”

She tries to bring her hands up to hide her face as it flushes bright red.

My other hand grabs her wrists, and pulls them down and out of the way.

She tries to pull her wrists out of my hand.

I squeeze tighter with both hands. I’m stronger than her and she knows it. “I know you like it, babygirl. Why don’t you just admit it?”

Her blush deepens and she nods, a jerky motion emphatic but quick.

Now I know she will do just about anything I ask. I can feel her pulse on my fingertips. I loosen the hand at her throat slightly. “You’re all mine, princess. I can do whatever I want.”

Her eyes go wide and tears well as she says, “Mmhmm. Yours!” It’s a whisper, of course, but it’s clear, decisive, and heartfelt.

I feel that simple statement in my clit. “Good girl.” I let go of her wrists and her throat, picking her up by her hips and spinning her around quickly so I can toss her onto the bed.

She doesn’t even have time to let out a surprised cry. She just bounces on the foam mattress once before settling with her legs wide open and her skirt flipped up. Her bare, clean-shaven cunt peeks out at me.

“You are such a dirty girl. You didn’t even wear any panties for Mommy to take off?”

Her hands cover her red face.

Before her thighs can close, I take the two steps I need to straddle her thigh as my right hand finds her wet cunt. “Oh, don’t be shy. I love how much of a dirty slut you are.”

“I’m not!”

My fingers press into her. “You are so wet. I bet it’s because I’m reminding you of what a slut you are for me.”

“Mommy, please.”

“I’ll stop when you admit it.” I curl my fingers to find her g-spot. My thumb presses next to her clit, barely touching it as I rock my wrist slowly and gently.

She starts moaning. Her hands lay flat on either side of her, grabbing at the duvet.

“That’s my dirty girl. I know you can’t get enough.” I start grinding on her thigh, pressing my tight clit against her through my pants.


“You are. You are a dirty slut. You just need to be used.”

“Mommy!” Her hands claw into the bed and her back arches.

I start moving faster, matching the rhythm of my hips with my wrist.

“Please!” It’s the first time she’s raised her voice.

“Please what, fuckdoll?”

“Please? I need to come.”

“You know what you need to do. Admit you’re a dirty slut and I’ll let you come.”

“I…” She groans.

I hold my fingertips pressed against her g-spot, barely curling and uncurling them.

“Ugh. Oh my god. I’m… a dirty slut.”

“Who’s dirty slut are you?”

“Yours. I’m yours. I’m your dirty slut, Mommy.”

“Good girl. Now you can come for me.”

Her eyes close tight and her whole body curls up against itself as she lets her orgasm flow over her.

I can feel her pulsing around my fingers. “Good girl. Good girl. Come for me.”

She moans low.

“That’s my babygirl. I’m so proud of you. You’re so amazing. Don’t worry about anything. I’m here and I’m keeping you.”