[short] Cock Thirst

I slam her cock into my mouth, pressing down as hard as I can as I open my throat to her. My tongue presses against the underside and I suck her in deeper. She’s moaning in surprise and pleasure. My fingers trace the outline of the harness she’s wearing under her boxers. I imagine that I can feel her wetness seeping through even though I probably can’t. My mouth starts moving up and down on her cock.

[short] Date Night

Cocksucking I push her back on the couch so hard she bounces a bit when she lands. Before she can gasp in surprise, I’m on my knees. My hands are expertly pulling at her belt and tugging down her zipper. I open up her pants and pull the silicone cock out through her boxers. “God, you’re beautiful.” Even I’m not sure if I’m talking to her cock or to her.

[short] Paper Cuts

She grabs me by the hair from behind and tosses me effortlessly against the sturdy desk. She bends me over until my nipples can feel the cold of the surface through my cotton tee. Her hand rests on the nape of my neck, pressing down so I am forced to turn my head. My cheek presses into a stack of papers, fanning them out. My eyelids start to close. The suddenness of her actions, the roughness of her touch have me weak and vulnerable—I savor that feeling, relax into it.

[short] Drop

I stretch my fingers out around her throat. I’m not tightening my grip, just giving her a hint of pressure. Her whole body trembles as she stands there, naked with her feet apart slightly, her hands clenched at her sides. I bite the skin of her shoulder, feeling her tense up. She’s probably trying really hard to not pull away. I know she gets even more nervous when I’m behind her.

[short] Kitty and Toy

I gently lower Kitty’s bound body into the corner, sitting her up against the wall so she has a clear view of the bed. I pet her head and let her kiss my hand. She doesn’t really know what’s coming next. “Enjoy the show, pet.” She nods and rubs her head against my hand. That’s about the extent of her freedom of movement. I walk away from her. I open the closet and pull Toy out roughly.

[short] A Trail of Bitemarks

I tie her up, lovingly encasing her body in rope so she can’t move. Her arms are tight behind her back. Her legs bent and tied to her chest. She’s exposed and vulnerable. I look into her eyes, seeing the questions, the wonder about what’s coming next. I smile and lean over to plant my lips on her side. I open my mouth and suck in some skin. My tongue licks it playfully.

[short] Siren

1. Seduction She stood at her window, just across the alley. I’d been noticing her for months coming and going, doing this or that. I mean, a pretty woman lived next door-I’m bound to notice even if she closes her shades. My neighbor didn’t, at least not in the living room. Not that there was much to look at usually. I mean, I’d seen her on the street for at least a year.

[short] Across the Fire

I noticed her from across the bonfire. Of course I did, it was early in the evening and she was practically naked already. The scrap of dark fabric she was wearing as a skirt was flying all over the place because she was dancing. It looked like she wasn’t really part of the same world as the rest of us. I’m not complaining, it was quite a pleasant sight. I sipped my drink and leaned back trying to put on my cool and hoping to watch her for a while.

[short] Garden Party

The party was good, but I still needed to get away. Once a year was still overwhelming. Too many people at all once for my taste. Too much raw sex in the air-not that I have anything against sex, I just want to be able to smell fresh air sometimes over the low hum of arousal. I took a walk to the far side of the deck and looked out over my host’s spacious-and incredibly private-back yard.