[short] Kitty and Toy

I gently lower Kitty’s bound body into the corner, sitting her up against the wall so she has a clear view of the bed. I pet her head and let her kiss my hand. She doesn’t really know what’s coming next.

“Enjoy the show, pet.”

She nods and rubs her head against my hand. That’s about the extent of her freedom of movement. I walk away from her.

I open the closet and pull Toy out roughly. I push and shove her until she’s laying across the bed, face down and arms stretched out in front of her.

My whole demeanor changes as I get into roughing her up. I’m not soft and comforting anymore; I’m harder, toppier. I lash out with my hand, my palm contacting against her hip hard. She looks back over her shoulder to me, letting out a squeak. I can’t tell whether it’s a squeak of “is that all you’ve got?” or “that’s right! More!” I do know, though, that she wants more than that.

Another hard, deep slap into her. This time it contacts with her ass. I like watching it pulse as her skin starts to flush. One more-and another. I look to the side, looking into Kitty’s eyes-letting my sadistic grin spread across my face.

Kitty is biting her lip already looking unsure about this whole situation. I blow her a quick kiss and turn back to my fucktoy. I’m barely getting warmed up at this point. I grab Toy’s asscheek hard in my hand, digging my thumb in deeply at the crease between her butt and thigh. Toy is wriggling a little. She’s turned on and enjoying the intense sensation.

“Fuck yes, Mistress.” She says over her shoulder breathily. “Hurt me.”

I look at the inch wide piece of flesh that I’ve pinched between my thumb and fingers, making sure I have a good spot. I lay my free forearm across her lower back, pressing her down onto the bed. I lean over and make contact with my teeth, pressing them into her flesh-squeezing slowly and firmly as I suck the skin into my mouth, against my tongue.

I rub small circles with my tongue as I bite harder and harder. I can feel her relaxing into it, opening to the pain as she squirms. Her hand reaches back to touch my hair, to push me harder into her.

I shake my head, brushing her hand away and tugging on her skin as I keep biting. I open my eyes, staring at Kitty, whose face is wide open in astonishment. No matter how many times I’ve told her, she never thought I was really this rough.

This is the just warm up.

I let her skin fall from between my teeth. The purple and pink splotch of a hickey with bite marks doesn’t even begin to show the deep bruising I made there. I slap it hard, pushing the energy of the blow deep into her bruised ass.

Toy lets out a cry of pain and pleasure. Kitty gasps in shock.

I hit the purple spot again.

Then I grab Toy’s hip and roll her onto her back. She’s facing the wrong way. “Turn around, fucktoy.” She moans incoherently. I’m not going to be able to get her to move around on her own without bringing her back up. I take her ankles in my hands and spin her on her shoulders. dropping her legs on the bed and letting her head flop off the side. I throw one leg across her middle and straddle her. I lean down low, whispering in her ear harshly. “Look into her eyes, slut. Make sure she can see how much you like this.”

I slap her hard across the face so she’ll remember. The red mark takes a moment to develop as I look over Toy’s bare chest.

I cup her left tit in my hand, grabbing it tightly, squeezing. My right hand slaps across it, brushing the nipple with each finger.

I go back and forth with my right hand until her breast is glowing, her nipple full and taut. Then I bite her. My teeth dig in all around her areola, deep into her breast tissue, her nipple pressed against the roof of my mouth. I suck harder, my teeth still firmly pressed into her.

Toy moans and flails. I hear her breath catch.

I lean down over her, letting go of her reddened tit. My teeth dig into her neck. My fingers tighten on her other nipple, pinching and pulling it.

She’s sucking in her breaths now, so close. I look into Kitty’s eyes, seeing how turned on she is. She’s breathing heavy and won’t look away, but her face also shows just how horrified she is by that. I smile at her viciously as I let Toy’s neck loose from my teeth.

I whisper, “Look how hot she is for you, slut. Maybe we should get her up here to eat your cunt while I beat you.” I tighten my fingers on her nipple, my nails digging into her breast.

She lets out a scream of pleasure as she comes.