[short] Queen for a Day

“You’re sure you’re ready for this?” I turn the leather collar over in my hands, waiting for an answer.

“Yes, my queen.”

She decided on the title, not me. Still, it somehow makes me feel as powerful than any of the other things I’ve been called. In any case, I like having different people call me different things. I open the collar up and wrap it around her throat. A moment later it’s buckled on. My fingers trace the black leather, feeling the studs inset in the center of the band. Finally, I find the steel ring hanging from the center.

Her eyes close. I can see her natural desire to take charge play across her face, but she manages to relax into the situation.

Two fingers hook into the ring and I pull her toward me. “Good girl.”

Her face tilts up toward me.

I lean down to kiss her lightly on the lips.

She moans softly. The tension drains from her muscles.

“That’s right. Just relax for me.”

She nods slowly, as if she’s not quite in her body. Losing track of her body may be the only way she has of relaxing right now. That’s okay. I can bring her back.

I focus on directing her movement. I want her closer to the bed, facing it. It only takes a few tugs before the back of my knees are touching the mattress. I am standing in front of her—a foot of sexually charged open space separating us.

Her eyes open halfway, as if she’s waking up a little.

I tug gently on the collar and lean forward to kiss her neck, midway between the collar and her left ear. My feet step to the side as I keep pulling her over, so her hands are braced on the mattress. “Can you just stay there for a little bit, darling? For me?”

She’s smiling back at me, her eyes locked with mine. “Yes, my queen.”

Yes. I really am feeling good about that title. I squeeze my thighs together and break my stare. I let go of the collar and trace my fingers along her naked back, slowly feeling her spine as it leads me to her ass.

She closes her eyes and bites her lips. I think she knows what I have in mind.

My hand caresses her buttock slowly, feeling the layout of her muscles and bones so I know where to strike. When I reach the crease between her thigh and ass, I pull my hand back, straighten the fingers together, and swing into her.


“Keep count for me, please.”

“Yes, my queen. One.”

I slam down my hand again as I reach up under her body with my left hand. My fingertips slide around her vulva.

“Two.” She shuffles her feet apart a little to give me space.

I part her labia and plunge a finger into her, rubbing alongside her clit. My right hand slams down on her ass again, slightly harder than last time.

“Fuck. Three.”

My fingers rub around her clit in a circle. I slam down my hand on her ass again.

Her eyes shut tight. I can feel her clit hardening against my fingertip. “Four.”

“That’s right. Just like that.”



“Oof! Seven.”

I slow down the blows to her ass just as I speed up my fingers on her clit. The smell of her excitement fills the room, urging me to move faster.

She moans low, pleadingly. Her knees buckle just a little.

I slam down my right hand again. Thank fuck I’m ambidextrous.

“Ouch. Eight.”

“Good girl. You can do this. We’re getting there.”

She’s moaning and trying to press her cunt against my fingers.

I’m not cooperating. I leave my hand on her ass for a moment, steadying her.

“Please, my q-queen? May I come?”

I chuckle. “Not yet, sweetheart.” I slam her again with my palm, this time pulling back at the last moment so that it stings more.

“Fuck! Nine! Thank you, miss.”

‘Miss’ works too. “Promise you’ll be good for me?”

“I… I promise, my queen.” She swallows and holds herself as still as she can.

Another stinging impact.

“Ten! Fuck! Please can I come?” Her legs start to shake a little.

I’m grinning at her. “No, darling. Not yet. Not until we hit 20.”