[short] Anonymous

I snuggle into her anonymous embrace a little tighter, aiming my mouth for her ear, I come very close to brushing my lips on the exposed skin on the side of her neck. “What’s your name?”

“Does it matter?” Her tone isn’t dismissive. It merely tells me she’d prefer not to say.

I lean up, taking myself far enough away from her that I can see her face and she can see my smile. “Not if you don’t want it to. I’m just trying to be friendly.” The party, with its pointy elbows and noise, has mostly moved on from around us. We could just sit here on the couch and talk.

“Friendly? Like this?” Her hand slides down my back to cup my ass, giving it a firm squeeze.

I don’t think she wants to have a conversation. My body flows into her, letting her guide what we are doing. My lips find hers.

We kiss. Her tongue is cooler than I would have imagined. Its tip plunges into my mouth, finding mine and bringing along the flavors of coffee and mint.

I moan into her.

Her fingertips push against the slack fabric on the back of my panties, exploring between my cheeks as they slide down.

I roll my body slightly, placing my thigh across her hip without breaking our kiss. My hand—the one that isn’t trapped beneath us—grabs at the back of her head. My fingers trace over her short hair and I try to pull her even closer. I can’t. There is no closer.

She bends her wrist and slides her fingertips along the base of my cunt.

I need this. I need her fingers inside me. I need her to make me come. All I can think of is her flipping my on my back and burying her and wrist deep in my cunt while I come over and over again.

She slams her tongue deeper into my mouth.

My eyes open in surprise at how deep she can fuck my mouth with her tongue. I let out a moan and suck her tongue, treating it like her cock.

She traces the wet outline of my labia with her fingertips, teasing me.

I press myself against her fingers, behind her for more with every wiggle, every squirm.

She breaks our kiss, leaving a small trail of saliva sliding down my chin. Her fingers return to the small of my back, as if the last few minutes never happened. “Jac. My name is Jac. I have a rule about making sure everyone I’m going to fuck knows my name.”

“Hi…” I can’t finish my thought. I can’t even introduce myself. I want to argue about how presumptuous she is being, but we both know she’s right. I decide to relax into it. “Please?”

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