[short] I Wish You Would

“I wish you would just get inside of me,” she whispers across the dimly lit hotel hallway. The ice machine humming behind her.

It is so casual, so quick, and so unexpected that I have to check if I heard right. “Excuse me?” After all, we had only barely exchanged glances.

“Oh. Um… never mind. I thought you were… you’re clearly not interested.” Her face flushes and she turns to go.

“No, wait. I am interested. I was just surprised.” I give her a very genuine, very awkward smile. My smile slides into a smirk and I curled my finger in silent invitation for her to close the gap between us.

She steps forward nervously. She’s barely breathing; each quick breath is just a sip of air.

My hand reached out between us. I’m not ready to touch her skin yet, but I move her hair out of the way so I can lean into her cheek. Without even grazing her—though I can feel her warmth—I whisper in her ear. “You want me to fuck you right here in this hallway?”

Her breath catches. She freezes.

I’m guessing that I’ve got on what she really wants.

“You really do, don’t you?”

She lets out a nervous squeak and nods once. A staccato note I might have missed if I wasn’t giving her all of my attention.

My hand sneaks under her hair and cups the back of her head. I lean down further so my lips are almost touching her neck. I can feel her vellus hairs stand up straight as my warm breath plays against her skin.

“Fuck.” A whisper, an expression of lost control.

I open my mouth and press my teeth gently against her skin.

She melts into my body.

My left hand reaches out to steady her. My palm pressed against her thin top. I can feel her ribs flutter as we make contact. I take her skin and muscle between my teeth and gently squeeze down. I’m claiming her—at least for now.

I take half a step forward so I can support her weight against my chest, freeing my left hand to explore over her body. I release my bite and whisper in her ear again, “You want me to slide my hand up your skirt, don’t you? So I can feel how wet you are for me?”

Her hand reaches to find my left arm. It wraps around my forearm and she pulls it down, encouraging me. “Yes. Please.” She’s still whispering. Still barely breathing.

My fingers slide along her inner thigh, feeling my way up to her pussy. Her flowing skirt moves aside easily, as if she had been hoping for this all night.

Her hips open, rotating her thigh to give me free access.

I look into her eyes, watching her reactions. Everything I see and feel tells me she wants more: her hand on my arm pulling me up into her, the smile on her lips, and her intense gaze right back into my eyes.

Warm wetness surrounds my fingertip. At least I won’t have to worry about dealing with her panties—she isn’t wearing any. I lean forward to kiss her deeply as I slide into her with two fingers.

Her body relaxes around me, welcoming me before tightening against my knuckles. My tongue flicks into her mouth with the same rhythm I am using to fuck her.

A heavy hotel room door closes behind me. I don’t even think about it. I can feel her tensing up around me. I break our kiss to stare into her eyes again.

“Fuck! Yes, I need this.”

I’m grinning at her like a fool.

“Don’t fucking stop!”

I wasn’t going to. I just hope she wants to keep going after she comes. “That’s right. Come for me, baby, out here in the hallway,” I whisper.

The ice machine starts making its horrible grinding noises and she explodes around my hand.