[short] Date Night


I push her back on the couch so hard she bounces a bit when she lands. Before she can gasp in surprise, I’m on my knees. My hands are expertly pulling at her belt and tugging down her zipper. I open up her pants and pull the silicone cock out through her boxers. “God, you’re beautiful.”

Even I’m not sure if I’m talking to her cock or to her.

It doesn’t matter.

I plunge my open mouth onto the brightly colored dick, feeling it press into my tongue and soft palate, widening my mouth on its way to my throat.

She doesn’t know what to do with her hands. I can feel her tentatively touching my shoulder as if seeking guidance. I open my eyes and pull the cock out of my mouth. I’m giving her the look effectively enough that she puts her hand at her side before I even say, “did I tell you to touch me, fuckdoll?”

“No, goddess.”

I raise my eyebrow and slide her warm, slick cock back between my lips, keeping my eyes locked with hers.

I dig my hands into her fabric covered hips, tearing into her flesh as I start to fuck her dick with my mouth, devouring it and using it for my pleasure. She’s squirming, not sure if she will be allowed to come. She obviously doesn’t know if she should be moving or still.

I love keeping her guessing. I love putting her off balance.

I’m moving faster now. My lips and tongue reaching the fabric of her boxers with each firm downthrust. I can feel her cock push into my throat, rounding slightly over the hump of my tongue. I’m getting more confident that I won’t accidentally gag myself. I was worried for a minute. It’s been a while since I tried this.

I bring my hand up cover her vulva and the base of the dildo. My fingers press into the crease between her thigh and pelvis, my thumb presses against the opening of her cunt.

She’s gasping and sobbing. I slow down enough to let her catch her breath.


I start moving faster again.

“Fuck! Please, can I come?” She shoves the words out as fast as she can, knowing it might be her only chance.

I grin at her around her cock and press my lips all the way down her shaft. My tongue grinds rhythmically on the underside. I know she can feel that in her cunt. I can see how close she is to coming. I shake my head slightly.

“Fuck.” She’s sobbing now.

I’m grinning.

I start fucking her with my mouth again, my thumb tracing circles against her labia.


She knows the answer.


I raise my eyebrow and start moving faster.

Her hands ball up into the couch. She presses her hips up into me, gagging me a bit as she screams in humiliating pleasure, knowing I didn’t tell her she could come.

I pull my mouth off her dick and sputter for a second. I breathe in deeply, calming myself, and look her in the eyes. “Don’t worry, baby. I did that on purpose. I’m not mad at you.”

“Thank you, goddess.”

“I love you, sweetheart.”

“I love you, too.” She collapses back into the couch, drained.


I pull her pants down to her ankles—I don’t want to feel her zipper against my inner thighs, after all—but I leave her boxers on. With her cock hanging out, they won’t make a difference for what I have planned.

I stand up, tugging my top over my head and pushing my skirt down enough so it falls to the floor. I’m grinning at her dazed look. She knows I’ll be using her, but she doesn’t look ready. Time to check in. “You ready for more, slut?”

She focuses her eyes on me and nods. That’s good enough for me. I don’t want her coming out of subspace for this.

“You want me to use you, don’t you?”

“Yes,” her voice breaks. “Yes, goddess.”

“Good girl.”

I rest my hands on her shoulders and push her back firmly against the couch as I straddle her hips, my cunt hovering over her cock, I can feel it twitch in eagerness.

Her eyes are wide. She isn’t sure if I’m just going to lower myself down without anything guiding her—that would probably be disastrous. I grin and reach down with one hand to push the head of her cock against the back of my cunt, guiding it in as I lower my weight onto her. I quickly bring my hand back up to her shoulder so I can steady myself on her.

My eyes close as if on their own. My clit rubs against her shirt as I settle down, feeling the whole length of her dick inside me.

“Good girl. Now stay still while I use you.”

She nods.

“And no coming without permission. Be a good fuckdoll, you understand?”

“Yes, goddess.” Her cheeks are flushed in embarrassment.

“You can do it.”

“Yes, goddess.”

I start grinding my hips against hers, feeling her cock sliding around in my cunt delightfully.

She tightens her lips into a pale line. Her eyes shut as I keep moving on her.

“You’re close already, aren’t you?”

She nods vigorously and lets out a whimper.

“Good. I want you to stay there until I’m done.”

She breathes out in exasperation.

“Just stay close like a good girl.”

She’s nodding again, eager to please.

“Your cock feels so good in my cunt.”

“Thank you, goddess.”

“Thank you? for what?”

Her voice is quiet. “For using me.”

“Always.” I’m grinding faster on her, feeling her cock rubbing me so well. I tilt my pelvis to press my clit firmly against her. “Yes! Perfect.”

She whimpers again. I can see tears welling in her tightly shut eyes.

I’m getting close, so I slow down.

She whimpers again and opens her eyes in alarm. Apparently my slower rhythm on her cock feels even better for her. I keep using her.


“No. Not yet.”

“Yes, goddess.”

“You love being denied, don’t you?”


“Shouldn’t you thank me, then?”

“Yes, goddess. Thank you. I love being owned by you.”

“Good girl. You’re such a good sex toy.”

She pushes her face forward against me and moans into my neck.

I speed up again. I don’t want to wait anymore. I whisper in her ear, “You can come with me, slut.”

She nods. She’s so ready. I can feel her tears on my skin as I let out one of the most powerful orgasms I’ve ever had.