Queer Quickies, volume 4

Queer Quickies, volume 4

Kinky, rough, and fast-paced, there are some very hot sex scenes in this ebook. There is no fluff—this ebook features just the “good parts.”


  • Collared Slut—a sub is collared
  • Drop—she loses herself in the sensations
  • Kitty and Toy—a bound kitten watches a couple play
  • Ferocity—push me up against a wall and have your way with me
  • Prey—a sub is chased through the woods
  • Feast—a special kind of party
  • Not Yet—orgasm denial at its finest
  • Just Stand Here—don’t even move your eyes
  • Not in Control—strap on sex with a twist
  • In the Night—outdoor sex
  • Plaything—a new toy is brought home

Approximately 11,000 words

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