Queer Quickies, volume 3

Queer Quickies, volume 3

Even kinkier than volume 2, there’s a little something for every taste in these lesbian sex scenes. There is no fluff—this ebook features just the “good parts.”


  • So Close—bound and forced to watch her mistress masturbate.
  • Garden Party—meeting at a party for outdoor sex.
  • Good Morning—waking up together.
  • A Snack—biting and bondage.
  • Confidence—taking the lead.
  • Over the Wall—a spur of the moment romp.
  • Summer—a hot summer not gets hotter.
  • Face Down—a sexy massage.
  • One of Those Days—meeting at the bar.
  • Together—a night of passion continues in the morning.
  • In the Air—rough dominance play.
  • Predator—flirtation leads to a change in roles for a pair of friends.
  • Practice Makes Perfect—a slave pleases her mistress.

Approximately 11,000 words.

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