[short] You're Fun

My hand presses against their collarbone, pushing them backward into the headrest. Our eyes lock together. The lights of a car going down the street next to us illuminate their face perfectly, so I can see the shy curl of their lip, the contained enthusiasm.

I smile, letting my own eagerness bubble to the surface. This is starting to be a lot of fun.

They respond by knitting up their eyebrows and begging me wordlessly to keep kissing them.

I move my left palm from their chest to their throat. Three of my fingers curl up under their chin. My index finger rests against their cheek, holding it tight against my thumb on the other side as I turn their face away from me.

I can hear the softest moan coming from them. It could be frustration or enthusiasm.

I don’t worry about it for too long. I lean forward and kiss the exposed neck I’ve presented myself with, taking their skin between my lips and licking it softly before I nibble gently.

“Oh!” They relax into the biting.

“You like that?”

They try to nod, but my hand is still holding their head still. “Yes.”

“You like when I push you around? When I just do whatever I want?”

They squirm in the seat next to me, pressing their thighs together. “Mmmmhmmm.”

I chuckle. “Good.” I start kissing and biting their neck again, slowly making my way down to their left shoulder. “I do like making you happy, after all.”

“Uh huh.” There’s a hint of sarcasm in their voice.

“And I love having you in my power—-at least as far as you’ll let me, anyway. After all, we did just meet.”

This time I get real laughter. “Hah! It’s okay. I trust you.”

“Oh good. I’m trying to be respectful as I push you around.”

“You’re doing fine.” Another car goes by. I can see them relax a little into the conversation.

I lean back slightly, metaphorically giving them some space. “So if I were to tighten my hand on your throat a bit, you’d be okay with that.”

“Mmmhmm.” They’re nodding in my hand, hard. “Yes, please.”

“Oh, you are eager!” I slide my thumb and index finger down their cheeks and tighten my hand. I look into their eyes, watching their reaction.

Their eyelids droop down and their arms and legs relax.

I loosen my grip.

“Mmmmm. Why’d you stop?”

“You want more?”

“Yes, I think so!” From their tone I am sure they enthusiastically want more.

“You just think so? Maybe I should let you decide if you really want it.” I take my hand off of their throat and lean back into the driver’s seat, ready to drop back completely into conversation.

“No! I want it!” They bite their lip and I can see redness splashing across their face. “Please?”

“Well, okay, since you’re asking so nicely.” My left hand tightens on their throat again and my right hand grabs the hair on the back of their head, pulling it backward, forcing their chin to the sky.

Their hand finds my side, pulling me in closer.

I lean in, with my forehead against theirs. My tongue explores their lips, feeling the shallow breaths they are taking. I keep kissing them, slowly learning their lips and tongue before I loosen my hold again. “Fuck, you’re fun.”