[short] Waking Her Up

My hand finds her hair and I slide my fingers in at the nape of her neck. A single twist and I have most of her hair in a tight knot around my hand.

She’s waking up to this, to my hard clit pressing against her ass, still sticky and rough from our sex earlier.

“Fuck! Miss!” She twists her head to look me in the eyes.

I tug harder, pulling into the arch of her back.

She goes limp and her eyes close.

“What’s that? Did you have something to say?”

Her lips curl up at the corner. Her hips thrust back into me, hard. She isn’t saying a word.

My clit slides across her skin as I grind against her. I can feel the roughness of the remnants of our fluids build up friction between us. I don’t care, though I know I’ll regret it later. My free hand grabs at her tit, pinching her nipple and tugging it out from her body.

I lean in to her more. My breasts press against her back, squeezed between us. There’s nothing but a thin sheen of summer sweat between our bodies. My lips press against her neck and I suck and kiss her.

She starts moaning low and steady. She’s clearly enjoying how I woke her up.

I feel her hand grabbing at my hip, trying to pull me into her harder. There’s nowhere for my body to go. I can’t get closer. Not like this.

“Miss! Please!”

“Please? Please what?” I pull at her hair harder.

She lets out a muffled groan of frustration as the words leave her mind. Her hand leaves my hip and snakes between us until she’s taken my clit in her fist. She grabs it hard and pulls me where she wants me, until the tip is pressed against her cunt. “Please?” Her moan is more plaintive now.

I thrust forward, trapping her hand between us, flat against my body with her thumb above my clit and her fingers splayed out beside it on my inner thigh. “This? Is this what you wanted?” I fuck into her harder—careful to not let her hand get loose.

I let her nipple go and slide my hand down to her cunt. My fingertips slide over her labia, to feel where my clit is entering her, then back up, opening her and trailing a finger over her clit. I barely touch her, but her cunt clenches around me at the sensation.

My teeth press into her skin. The hand I’ve trapped between us tries to grab on, to pull me deeper, harder. I can’t help but follow. I taste a hint of her blood in my mouth from me sucking and biting.

My orgasm is building, but I don’t want to rush it. I want to savor this whole process. I change the angle I am fucking her at slightly, so that my clit is pressing outward inside her, so it should rub against her g-spot.

She gasps and holds her breath, as if I can’t tell that she’s about to come for me. That she is about to come without permission.

“That’s right, angel. Come for me. Show me what a good girl you are for me.” My fingertip rubs against her clit more firmly.

She lets out a scream and starts thrashing around.

I keep fucking her. We aren’t done yet.