[short] Siren

1. Seduction

She stood at her window, just across the alley. I’d been noticing her for months coming and going, doing this or that. I mean, a pretty woman lived next door-I’m bound to notice even if she closes her shades. My neighbor didn’t, at least not in the living room.

Not that there was much to look at usually. I mean, I’d seen her on the street for at least a year. She seemed nice enough, and she was quite easy on the eyes, but I shut my shade every day when I got home. I like to give her the privacy she wasn’t giving herself.

This time was different. She was standing there, looking out. She was staring right at me. I looked at her, with my glass of wine in one hand and my other hand about to close the shade. I let go. I couldn’t stop watching.

She stood up higher, moving up on her toes, leaning into the window. My eyes watched her calves pop out under her pencil skirt. I let my eyes wander over her-I mean it looked to me like she was actively wanting me to. I could see her beautiful breasts outlined in the white shirt she was wearing. I might have imagined it, but I thought I could see down it. She pressed her lips against the window. A perfect lipstick kiss.

I almost dropped my glass. Taking a breath, I rubbed the sweaty palm of my other hand on my hip. I took another breath. This was happening. All I had to do was figure out what this was. I mean, people don’t do this, not really.

I sipped my wine. It tasted too sweet.

She smiled across the gap and walked away from the window.

I didn’t know what to expect. Everything was going so differently than it normally would. I had never just watched her, after all I don’t really care to watch whatever she had on TV across a forty foot gap and through two sets of glass. Not that it wouldn’t be fun to watch her, but it would also have been creepy.

At this point I was wondering what I’d missed.

She appeared from the kitchen carrying a glass of wine. She held it up in a toast and pantomimed another kiss.

That was intriguing. I mean, I’m pretty obviously a dyke, so it’s no big stretch to assume she’d realize I like women. But even that time I noticed her watching Bound didn’t suggest that she was actually into the ladies. Maybe I needed to take my gaydar into the shop for repairs.

I looked around the room to make sure she wasn’t talking to anyone else.

She smiled-it looked like she was laughing-and she nodded and pointed at me. Okay, that answered that.

I was enjoying the attention. I mean, fuck, she was beautiful and clearly very charming. I’d never seen her have anyone over, though, so this whole thing felt weird. Not weird enough for me to drop the shade, though.

She smiled again and sipped her wine.

I did the same thing, cocking my head a little. I wanted her to know that I was getting the message, but I was following her lead here.

She brought a hand up and unbuttoned the top button on her shirt. And another. I could clearly see her lace-trimmed bra. I raised my eyebrow and whistled.

She giggled and pulled her shirt back together, blushing. This was getting too much. I was just about ready to?

She reached out with her hand, a finger crooked. The message was clear, “Come over here.”

With that she drew her shade.

2. Lipstick

I walked out the apartment, down the stairs, and out the door. My head was swimming with the thought of actually doing this. Things like this don’t really happen, do they? But it was happening. I rubbed my hands together to lose some nervous energy. I recited my route in my head, Turn left. Walk to the next building. You can do this. It’s weird, but she’s hot. You can do this. Guess the apartment-the building has the same layout. It’s one on the opposite side of the building. Press the buzzer. I guess her name is Sue.

“Come on up.”

The door unlocked. Oh crap. I pushed the door open and walked. I managed to keep control of my breathing. Slow steps. I wiped my hands off on my pants. Up the stairs I walked, to her door.

I raised my hand to knock. The door swung open before I could bring my knuckles to the wood. There she was. No longer wearing her shirt. Or her skirt. She was just in a matched set of black lace. I realized that my eyes were wide and my mouth hanging open.


“Come in.” Her voice was musical. “Please.”

“Um?” I walked in. She closed the door behind me, a smile on her face framed in perfect red lipstick.

She strode the few paces between us. One bare foot in front of the other. I intended on watching her eyes; I watched her hips.

Her hands came up, palms on my chest, fingers over my shoulders as she leaned in and planted her mouth on mine. Inwardly I sighed in relief, because I wouldn’t have to do the hard part, the awkward part. I wrapped an arm around the small of her back, the other hand on her hip covering the thin lace that attached the front of her panties to the back.

I opened my lips and pressed my tongue forward, probing. I could taste the light sweetness of her wine. Her tongue touched mine, warm and wet. I flicked over its tip with mine. The sides of my tongue ran along her lips, feeling their waxy smoothness.

We broke the kiss and I sighed. “That was?”

She placed a finger over my now lipstick smeared lips. “Shh. I want you.”



I told myself to just go with it.

3. On the Rocks

“Follow me,” she said, grabbing my hand and leading me deeper into her apartment.

This whole experience-since I saw her at the window-was like a dream. Her warm, soft hand in mine. The fresh feeling of her kiss, the taste of her mouth on my tongue. The musky, floral scent of her perfume made me want to throw her onto any available horizontal surface and bury my face in her. Somehow I don’t think she’ll let me be in charge that much, I mused.

Her bright fingernails dug into my palm. Not painful, but firm. With her free hand she pushed open the door to the bedroom, revealing a perfectly neat arrangement of furniture and knickknacks. Even down to the soft candle-light it was photoshoot ready. The room smelled of lavender and warm wax. I wanted nothing so much as I wanted to make a mess of the bed.

“I want you naked.” She let go of my hand.

I stood there stunned, my eyes wide open, my mouth hanging open. She wasn’t much for making conversation.

“Now.” She was speaking quietly, but she was very, very sure of herself. She expected me to comply.

I breathed in deeply and pulled my tee shirt over my head, dropping it on the floor in one swift motion. She pursed her lips and her perfectly arched eyebrows raised in appreciation. I gripped under my sports-bra and tugged it over my head as well. I could see how focused she was on my nipples. Her gaze alone was making my knees weak. I began breathing faster.

My hands went to the button on my jeans. She stepped closer, her body just inches from mine. My nipples hardened. She brought her hands up, cupping my breasts, her thumb grazing my taut nipples. She was smiling like I had just given her the best present ever.

She stood on her toes and brought her lips to my ear. “Naked,” she whispered.

I bit my lip and moaned.

She grabbed my nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. “Naked.”


I fumbled with the button, the backs of my hands brushing her warm, soft stomach. I tugged down the zipper. My fingers slid into my jeans, under my panties. I ran my hands around to my hips and slid both down at once. Then I realized I still had my shoes on.

She was still tugging on my nipples.

I pulled back away from her. She didn’t let go.


She smiled and squeezed harder on my nipples. I closed my eyes tight.

She raised an eyebrow.

I reached down to pull off my shoes. With my jeans bunched around my knees I couldn’t bend my legs as well as I wanted. My breasts burned. They were pulled tight, high. I could feel the skin tightening around my nipples, my areolas curdling in sensation and anticipation.

I arched my back to reach down farther. I slipped one off, then the other. I pushed at my jeans and panties, sliding them down and off my legs. I stood again, looking Sue straight in the eyes.

She smiled at me and eased up on the pressure on my nipples. “Good girl.” Wetness pooled at that. She had me, she knew it. I placed my hands lightly on her hips, feeling the lace of her panties again.

She kissed me. This time her tongue plunged deep into my mouth, hungrily exploring me. My breath caught as she let go of my nipples and blood rushed back into them. They began to throb.

Her hands moved to my sides, and down my body to my hips as she kissed me. She held my hips still. Her thumbs curved over my mound, playing in my hair. I sucked in breath, inadvertently sucking in her tongue as well. She moaned and her fingers turned into my skin, digging in.

I tilted my hips up toward her. I needed her fingers in me. My pussy was trembling in anticipation, wet and ready.

4. Drowning

“Get on the bed” She said it so softly that I might have missed it if I had not been listening so intently. I looked into her eyes, judging whether I dared to see what would happen if I questioned her. She’d probably send me away. I decided I didn’t want to break the spell.

Her hands left my pussy, her palms peeling away from the skin on my hips. I responded with a moan as her look urged me toward the bed.

My knee pushed down into the foam mattress, creating a dimple in the duvet. As my other foot left the ground, she pushed me over, onto my side. She hopped up onto the bed, straddling my legs and pushing into the skin of my hip with her fingers.

I twisted to look into her eyes. They were slitted, intense.

I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting when I came over here, but this was not it.

She leaned forward, placing a hand on my shoulder to push me face down against the mattress. Her other hand tugged grabbed at my ass. I tried to twist my legs so I was face down, but there wasn’t much I could do. she was still sitting on my thighs, holding them tightly between her own.

I tried to turn my shoulder back up, but somehow I couldn’t. I looked back toward her, over my shoulder and past her hand. She was smiling gleefully, her breathing was slow and deep. I couldn’t see it as she began exploring my pussy, feeling how exceedingly turned on I was, how wet I was for her.

I bit my lip and turned back down into the bedding, letting her do whatever it was she was going to do. She pushed into me. It felt like two fingers. Sliding in deep, quickly.

I sucked in a breath and pressed my ass up against her hand. She took her weight off of my shoulder and scraped her nails down my bare back. I shivered under her touch.

“You like that, don’t you?” Her fingers pulled back and pressed hard into me again.

I nodded.

“What was that?” Her nails dug into my hip, hard.

I closed my eyes, pressing out tears. “Yes! Oh my god. Yes!”

“Oh, good.” I could hear the smile in her voice. She kept fucking me with her fingers. I could feel her thrusting with her hips against my leg as she did, her lace panties scratching at my thigh. I imagined her wet pussy behind the lace, grinding against me. I thought maybe I could feel her wetness on my leg. I might have been imagining it, though.

I reached out over my head, balling the duvet in my fists. Her rhythm was steady and firm as she fucked me. I could feel one of her legs inch forward so it pressed against her hand as she was thrusting with her hips.

I turned my face down into the aegean blue duvet, breathing it in. I could feel my myself tensing. I started moving around-twisting myself back and forth, still pinned under her legs. I wanted to buck against her, but I couldn’t. I wanted her to touch my clit. I could feel it rubbing between my legs, but it wasn’t enough. I needed more.

I closed my eyes tight as her fingernails buried into my back again.

And then she did it.

Her thumb slipped down over my clit, barely touching it as she continued to thrust. I writhed as much as I could to press myself against it, to feel her touch. Her pace quickened, she was moaning above me.

She began to come. I could definitely feel the line of wetness she was leaving on my leg now. Her thighs twitched as she called out. She didn’t stop thrusting into me, though her rhythm broke and dragged. She more than made up for the ragged rhythm with the beautiful noises she was making, the delicious sounds of her orgasm. Her fingers scraped at my back.

And her thumb pressed harder against my clit. I cried out explosively as I came, screaming into the bed and sucking the bedding into my mouth as I fought for breath.