[short] Show Off

“Take off your panties, baby slut.” She says with a smile, her red wine lazily balanced between the fingers of her right hand.

We just got to the party. Honestly, I was expecting a little socializing first, but I don’t mind being the first to start playing, to break the ice. “Yes, Miss.” I lean forward and reach under the hem of my dress to hook my panties in my fingers. I tug them quickly down my thighs and over my boots, the black lace stretching out as I do. I carefully step out of the leg holes and stand back up.

She plucks the underwear out of my hand with her left hand and drops it directly on the wooden floor. “Now mine.” Her voice is soft, like she’s trying hard not to smile and giggle. She has everything planned out.

I guess this is why she insisted we wear sundresses so early in spring. That thought sends a shock straight to my clit. I decide to make it easy on myself and kneel in front of her, so I can just reach up and pull her undies down, over her chunky leather boots. Her undies try to get caught near her ankles, but I manage to get them off without too much fumbling. Once I have her bright red undies in my hand, I look up for instructions.

She nods once toward my panties. I drop hers on top and watch her face break out into a smile.

She points once at her pussy. I inch forward on my knees and reach out to lift her skirt.

“No hands, baby love.”

I try not to groan. So that’s how it’s going to be. “Yes, Miss. Thank you.” I crouch down low to push up her skirt with my forehead. My lips brush her labia. “You smell amazing.”

I can hear the party start to liven up around us. Clearly people are enjoying the show.

“Yeah? That works for you?”

“Yes, Miss.” I nod.

“Less talking, slut. More licking. I have needs.”

“Sorry, Miss.” I push forward with my tongue pressing between her labia, parting them enough that I can get a taste of her. I let out a moan, but I refuse to stop my assignment. My tongue explores over her cunt, savoring her and brushing over her clit. I open my jaw, parting her lips with mine like a french kiss.

“Much better.” She lets out a sigh that tells me all I need to know about her day. She shifts her weight and I can feel her boot pushing between my thighs.

I can’t help myself. I lower my clit against the toe and begin to slowly grind against it.

“That’s right. Show everyone here what a needy slut you are. You are a needy slut, aren’t you?”

I grunt out an “umhmm.” I certainly am. A dripping, needy slut.

A hand brushes my shoulder, pushing the strap of my sundress off. I can feel the fabric fall away from my right breast. “Good girl.”

I press my lips between her labia, sucking firmly around her clit. I pull it as far into my mouth as I can and use the broad part of my tongue to massage it.

I hear her glass settle on the table, a bit loudly. I think I might be getting to her. It’s only fair, she’s getting to me. I grind harder and faster on her boot.

“That’s right, slut. You can shine my boot with that pretty clit of yours.” She swallows loudly. “Fuck. You’re doing such a good job. Maybe I’ll let you cum after after you polish up the other one too.”

I moan hard into her and start going faster, thrusting in and out with my face as I lick and suck.

“Fuck! Yes! Just like that.” Her hands settle on the back of my head, pulling me into her and holding me there. Her clit is hard in my mouth, and all I can think about is how much it’s turning me on to show off for all the people at the party while I’m getting her off.

Her fingers dig into my scalp and she shoves me harder into her cunt. I can’t breath, but that doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that she’s getting off.

She grunts hard and I can feel her clit twitching in my mouth. I have no idea how long it lasts, but the bright flashes on my eyelids and the burning in my lungs tell me she has to let go soon.

Her orgasm trails off and she shoves me away. I land on my ass on the floor with my skirt flipped up. I wonder what she wants next.