[short] Paper Cuts

She grabs me by the hair from behind and tosses me effortlessly against the sturdy desk. She bends me over until my nipples can feel the cold of the surface through my cotton tee. Her hand rests on the nape of my neck, pressing down so I am forced to turn my head. My cheek presses into a stack of papers, fanning them out.

My eyelids start to close. The suddenness of her actions, the roughness of her touch have me weak and vulnerable—I savor that feeling, relax into it. In this moment I’m hers.

Her other hand hooks into my pants at the small of my back. She pushes them down over my ass roughly, exposing me and binding my legs in one motion. My wetness spreads slowly down my thighs.

A single, firm smack on my ass sends me forward along the surface of the desk by inches, extending me further. The papers bite into my cheek and I let out a moan.

“Does this make you wet, slut? Does it turn you on knowing I can take you whenever I want—however I want?”

I try to nod.

Another firm slap on my ass. “I want to hear you say it, my dirty fucking whore.”

I nod and open my mouth. It’s so hard to speak. I whisper, “Yes.”

“Yes, what?” Another rough smack.

“Yes it makes me wet! Yes I’m your worthless slut! I’m yours whenever you want me, Goddess.”

Her fingers tighten on the back of my neck. Her hips press into my ass as she uses her other hand to push my shirt up on my back. “You’re a filthy fucktoy, aren’t you?” She bites into the loose skin on my back hard.

“Ung… yes. I’m nothing more than your fucktoy.”

Her hand is on my ass again, feeling where she’s been hitting it, exploring the welt her ring has left there. I whimper in anticipation.

A fingertip slides over my ass, down along the crease at the top of my thigh and in between my thighs. Her finger slips into me. “You’re so wet.” Her voice is husky, tense. She’s enjoying herself.

She draws her hand back and slams two more fingers into me roughly. Her pelvis presses against my hip, pinning me to the desk as she fucks me hard, rhythmically.

Her whole body moves with each thrust, sliding over me, skidding me across the surface. My nipples are caught in my skirt, twisting downward. My cheek presses harder into the fanned papers.

Her teeth close on my back again, biting down hard as she sucks the skin into her mouth. She clamps down hard, moaning into my skin. A moment later and she breaks her toothy kiss, leaving a pool of cooling saliva on a tender bite mark.

“You’re mine, slut.”

I can barely form words. “Yes. All yours.”

Her fingers curl, pressing against my g-spot.

I gasp. “Oh, fuck. May I come? Please?”

“Beg for it.” She grinds herself against my hip.

“Please, goddess? Fuck. Please may I come?”

She squeezes harder, her thumb pressing alongside my clit. “Come for me, you worthless fuckdoll. Come for your goddess. Show me how much you need me to take you like this.”

My body reacts to her command almost involuntarily. I scream as my cunt twitches around her fingers.

She gives me a moment for the orgasm to subside before she starts moving her fingers again.

“Fuck! Again?! Please?”

She thrusts her fingers into me again. “Please what, slut?”

“Please may I come again?”

She keeps fucking me relentlessly.

“Please? I need it. Please, goddess?!” I’m starting to worry that she’s going to force it out of me. “Please?”

“Yes, come for me again.” Her voice is soft, low. She’s bent over me, against my back. Her lips against my ear as she presses against my g-spot again.

I come for her.