[short] Nerves

My left hand fumbles at your side. The fabric of your crop top under my index finger and the curve of your waist guides the rest of my hand. My thumb makes slow, awkward arcs along your lowest rib.

I feel like I’m more nervous than I should be. I know what I’m doing; I should be calm, confident. I shut my eyes and take a breath in. The butterflies in my stomach refuse to calm down, but that’s okay. I’ll survive, but I need to relax if this is going to be fun.

I lean forward, summoning up a memory of my confidence, and whisper into your ear, “I want you.”

You smile. Blood rushes to your cheeks as you answer me. “Oh yeah? Are you sure?”

I clench my jaw tighter. Your brattiness just makes me want you more and turnabout is fair play—-sometimes, anyway. “I’m sure. You’re incredible. I want to kiss you.” My eyes slowly glide down your body, lingering as I make my way over your chest and hips. “All over.”

You giggle nervously. “I’d like that.” It seems like you’re trying to hide how nervous you are. That’s okay, I am too.

My right hand cups the back of your head and tangles in your hair as I pull you in firmly for a deep, passionate kiss. I press my body against yours, feeling how your breath speeds up by how I feel you against my tits.

You moan into my mouth and wriggle to move under me more.

I move my thigh over yours. My skirt bunches up between us. I slide my left hand down your hip, my fingers dipping slightly into your shorts. My right hand moves to your shoulder, grabbing you firmly.

You are grabbing me and pulling me into you as you rotate your hips, opening your legs and pushing your pelvis up against me.

My fingertips dig into your hip and shoulder. Our kiss deepens and I press my hardening clit against your thigh. I want more, so much more, but I can’t think clearly enough to get rid of all the layers of clothing between us. My hand slides around your hip to your back, dipping between your skin and the your shorts. I grab on tight, pulling you up into me.

Your hands tug at my top, pushing it up to expose my tit. Your right hand grabs it from underneath and pushes it up into my ribcage.

I break our kiss and reposition my mouth so I am kissing down your neck and across your collarbone. I press forward with my hips. My hard clit slides easily against your thigh, the fabric of my skirt is getting slick between us. You’ve probably realized by now that I’m not wearing panties.

My right thigh presses between your legs, feeling your eagerness as we tear into each other—-we both want more, but neither of us is ready to pause long enough to get out of our clothes.

My lips find the beginning of the rise of your breast. I seal my lips around your skin and suck it in, my teeth and tongue playing with your skin as I do. Somewhere in the back of my head, I remember that this might leave a mark and I let go.

Your left hand presses against the back of my head, pushing me back to where I was. “Keep going. Please?” The fingers of your right hand tighten on my nipple, pulling me into you.

I kiss your chest again and go back to what I was doing. We seem to have worked past our nerves.