[short] Naked

You undress hurriedly, trying to shed the layers as fast as possible.

I lean back onto my heels, grinning and watching you as you reveal more and more of yourself to me.

In your enthusiasm, you’ve left your clothes piled at your feet in a disorganized mound.

I can understand. If I had been stopped so close to coming, I’d be eager to get started again as well. I toss the hitachi onto the bed and reach out, placing my hands firmly on your hips. I look you in the eyes.

Your nervousness is showing. Clearly it’s trying to overcome your undeniable need for more. That’s probably my cue.

I lift you easily while maintaining eye contact. Your feet leave the floor and I step back from the wall, swinging you around more easily than you probably imagined I could.

You bite your lip in anticipation. I guess it’s sunk in that you’re completely in my power—at least until you tell me you want to stop.

I lean forward and toss you onto the bed, so that you land on your butt, then your back connects with the mattress. A soft and gentle, but firmly dominant maneuver. I’m in charge.

You’ve landed with your legs splayed—exposing your cunt to me. In a moment of shyness, you halfheartedly try to bring your knees together.

“No, dear. Keep them open. You are absolutely gorgeous like that” I put my palm on your right knee and move forward, kneeling between your thighs.

“Yes, miss. Thank you.”

“You want my fingers inside you, don’t you? You want me to fuck you?”

You nod. Are your cheeks turning red in embarrassment or is that just the flush of excitement?

“Say it.” I respond quietly.

“I want you to fuck me, miss. I need it.”

“Good girl.” My fingers slide into your wet cunt easily. I let them explore for a second—feeling for your g-spot—as I move my left knee so I am straddling your thigh.

“Fuck! Thank you, miss.”

I lean forward to kiss you, gathering your wrists in my left hand, so I can hold you down. My right hand starts rocking inside you.

Your hips move to match my rhythm.

I press your wrists into the mattress above your head and lean forward more so that my elbow is down on the mattress and my tits are pressed against yours. My right thigh moves forward, pressing my hand deeper into you.

“Oh, fuck!”

I kiss you deeply, pressing my tongue into your mouth. My hips grind against your thigh as yours buck against my fingers.

You moan into my mouth. I can feel your breath fast and hot against my face as I keep kissing you.

My own orgasm is building. I slow it down a little so I can concentrate. I break the kiss. “You are turning me on so much.”

All you can do is moan.

“You need to come, don’t you?”

You nod and groan. Your eyebrows scrunch up.

“You can’t even ask for it anymore, can you?”

You look confused for a second and shake your head. You let out a low whine in frustration.

“It’s okay. I understand. Just a little bit longer.”

You nod eagerly.

My thumb slides across your clit as I speed up the movement of my fingers inside you.

Your eyes shoot open, begging me with a look.

“Don’t come yet. Wait for me. When I come, you can. Do you understand?”

Vigorous nods.

My thumb makes quick gentle circles on your clit and I grind against you faster. My lips press against yours and I kiss you deeply again. I start sharing our breath, inhaling as you exhale and exhaling as you inhale, matching your rhythm.

Your hips relax and I can feel your cunt starting to pulse. You’re about to orgasm.

I break our kiss and let myself come.