[short] Midwinter's Feast

The musky scent of the candle fills the room. The combination of warm wax and spices always puts me in a mood. I imagine that after all these years together it does the same for her. The candles and the fire in the stove splash yellow and orange on the walls and makes it bright enough for me to see what I’m doing without any light bulbs on. It’s warm and comfortable.

She’s sitting up on the bed. Naked. Expectant. Patient.

It takes all of my willpower to slow myself down. I want to just slam her into the bed and have my way with her, but I know what I have planned will be even better, more intense. I also know she needs it. “We’re going to start with a blindfold, love. I hope you don’t mind.” I hold up the simple piece of fabric, its elastic band dangling from it.

“Of course, goddess. Whatever you want.”

I slide it over her head and place it very carefully. While I’m close, I kiss her cheek. “Just relax, darling.” My hand presses against her sternum and urges her to lay back on the bed.

She moans softly and settles down against the mattress. She settles into trust.

My leg kicks out and I straddle her midsection. She tries to rub up against me, but I reply with soothing noises instead. I appreciate that she’s turned on, but right now I have more important things to do. I need to set this scene up. I take her arms and raise them over her head. A few wraps of rope around them and a quick knot and she’s tied to the bed, unable to get away. It’s time to dismount my powerless victim and tie her feet to the corners at the foot of the bed.

She lets out a whimper. I don’t think she was expecting anything so elaborate but, honestly, I’m just trying to include everything she suggested. I’m just trying to make her dreams come true.

I settle in between her thighs, kissing them slowly, sensually. I take my time working my way up to her cunt. The smell of her is intoxicating. My fingers dig into her hips as my tongue slides between her labia, tasting her. The tip glances over her engorged clit. It’s so hard I don’t even find her clitoral hood as I lick and suck.

She’s clearly enjoyed all of our preparation. I don’t think she realizes this is just the appetizer.

I start sucking her clit for real. My tongue massages the tip between my lips as I pull it deeper into my mouth. My whole body moves as I slide my face up and down on it.


I break away and breathe. “Yes, dear?”

“Fuck! Can I come?”

I start to pull back from her cunt. “Do you think you can?”

“Please? Come back?”

“Oh, honey, we’re just getting warmed up. Just don’t come yet.”

She moans plaintively, but relaxes against the bed again.

I lean forward and take her clit into my mouth again.

In no time she is bucking against my face. Every pelvic thrust proof that she is desperate to orgasm, but doing her best to please me.

I start to slow myself. It’s time for the main course.

She relaxes slowly, the tension only evident in how her muscles twitch with every stimulus.

I lean back, grinning at her blindfolded face. It takes me a second to move up onto my knees and scoot my hips up between her thighs. I fumble with the lube pump for a second before coating my right hand in thick, warm lube. I’m breathing hard, matching her deep, fast breaths. We both need this more than we can express in words.

I plunge two fingers into her cunt. With my left hand, I catch her clit between the thumb and forefinger and I start to stroke. My fingers slide in and out of her, feeling every twitch, every needy moan. A moment later I add a third finger, then a fourth soon after. She thrusts her hips against my hand, begging for more.

“Fuck! Goddess! Please?”

Her whine is so delightful. “Please what?”

“Please may I come?”

I take a moment to enjoy her desperation as I slide my thumb up my palm, to meet the other fingers. “Yes. Come for me.”

Her body explodes. She lets out a scream that rattles the windows. Wetness splashes across my wrist. Her cunt spasms rhythmically around my knuckles.

I press my whole hand forward, into her. My fingers curl, pressing against her g-spot as her vagina closes tight around my wrist. We are one.

“Keep coming, baby. Just let go. I’m not going anywhere.”