[short] Into the Wall

“Oh hi there, cutie.” The fingers of my left hand grip your short hair tight.

You smile wide. You love it when I’m rough with you. “Hello, goddess.”

I twist my hand, pushing your head all the way to the right, until your body follows and you are facing away from me. “That’s right. Lean against the wall.”

You put your palms up, and hold your weight against the wall.

“Open your legs, slut!” I shift my grip on your head so I am pushing your face into the painted concrete blocks.

You crunch up your eyes and shift your weight, then walk your feet away from each other.

My right hand touches your ass, feeling the curve of it and sliding between your legs until I can feel your hard cock through your shorts. “Now tell me what you want, slut.”

Your cock twitches. “I want you to hurt me.”

I grab on tight to the shaft. “Is that all?”

You whisper, “Use me.”

“What’s that?”

“I said, use me, goddess. Please?” It sounds like you’re close to tears.

“That’s a good fucktoy. I’ll use you and hurt you. Don’t worry.” I squeeze your cock hard once before letting go with both hands. I step in behind you, pushing my hips against your ass. My hands reach around front and unbutton your shorts. My right hand reaches in to unzip. In one smooth motion I slide down your boxers and shorts as far as they will go. They sit there, gathered at your knees, stretched out by how far your legs are from each other.

I chuckle into your ear. “That’s perfect. You’re such a good sub. So obedient and needy.”

“Yes, goddess. I’ll do anything you want.”

I reach out toward my toys, arrayed next you on a low table, picking up a crop. I step to the side and start landing blows on your ass. Quickly hitting you with some force. Watching the red weals raise as each strike from the whippy end comes down.

You’re surprised by how suddenly I start up. You clench your jaw and squeeze your eyes shut. I can hear the faintest of moans coming out of you.

“It’s okay. I know you’ve needed this.”

You nod, as if you are no longer able to speak.

I keep hitting you with the crop, each blow landing hard across your butt or upper thighs.

A tear drips down your cheek.

I increase the intensity of the blows. “This is what you’ve needed?”

You open your mouth to answer and let out a squeak. “Yes, goddess. I need this.”

“Because you’re a masochist?”

“Yes, goddess.”

“That’s a good slut.” I land one last blow, using all my strength.

You collapse into the wall, your chest pressed against the concrete.

“Turn around, slut.”

You open your eyes and try to maneuver yourself.

I steady you so you don’t fall down, positioning you with your back against the wall before I step in to kiss you deeply.

You return the kiss dreamily.

My left hand finds your throat and holds your head steady against the wall. “That’s right. Just relax.” I drop the crop and grab ahold of your stiff cock with my right hand.

“Yes, goddess. Thank you.”

I jerk your cock roughly, quickly bringing you close to orgasm. There’s no subtlety here, no hesitation. I want you begging. I want to rip the orgasms from you over and over.


“What is it, slut?”


“Please what?”

“Please can I come?”

I chuckle and let go of your cock, squeezing down on your throat with my left hand. “Yes. Come for me.”

I can feel the tears of relief and frustration against my hand as you convulse against the wall.