[short] I'm in Charge

“You want me to be in charge?” The confidence is dripping from my question. Of course you do.

“Yes, miss.” You’re nodding enthusiastically.

A grin spreads across my face and I raise one eyebrow as I scan your body, your face. I worry for a second that you’re taking my silence as some kind of criticism, but I can tell by the way that you take half a step back and press your palms into your jeans that you’re just nervous—maybe even a little bit scared. My expression must look like some kind of predatory hunger.

You bite your lip in anticipation.

I chuckle and lean over, picking up the hitachi in my right hand.

Your eyes open wide.

“You weren’t expecting me to go straight for this?” I wave the magic wand back and forth between us.

“No, miss.”

“You thought I’d warm us up? Get you naked first? Kiss you and make you feel comfortable?”

“Yes, miss.”

“But this is what we talked about, isn’t it?”

“Yes, miss.”

“This is what you really want?”

You whisper this time, “yes, miss.”

“Good girl.” I reach out with my left hand, cupping the back of your head as I step forward into you. My lips meet yours and I press my body against you, pushing you back toward the empty wall behind you.

Your lips and tongue respond to mine, kissing me back hungrily.

I break the kiss and slide my palm from the back of your neck to cover your throat. My thumb and forefinger pointing up toward your ears as I apply the slightest pressure.

“Oh, fuck.”

I don’t think you were really prepared for this, but you give up control so completely at this relatively gentle demonstration of dominance. Your body goes limp as you wait for me to do whatever I want with you.

Your eyes lock with mine.

I press the head of the hitachi against your crotch, pushing it firmly into your cunt through the layers of fabric separating us. To be honest, I had actually considered undressing you first, but that can wait. Right now, all I want is to take charge.

Your lip quivers as I thumb the switch, turning on the rumbling vibrator.

“Don’t come until I say you can. You understand?”

You close your eyes tight once in a very emphatic blink. “Yes, miss. I’ll try.”

I raise my eyebrow in mild rebuke and switch the hitachi on high. I lean into you, pressing my thigh between your legs against the other side of the head, forcing it up against you.

Your eyes grasp at focusing on mine again as you start to respond to the sensation filtering into your clit.

My hand closes against your throat. “I’m in charge.”

“Yes, miss.”

I start thrusting with my hips, moving my thigh against the back of the vibrator, fucking you with it. My hand under your chin pressing your head all the way flat against the wall. I lean in to kiss you, covering your ragged breaths as you try to suck in air.

Your hips move to match my rhythm. You want more.

I start moving faster against you. My teeth biting playfully, pulling at your lower lip. Your eyes dart around, looking for input from me.

I let you catch your breath for a moment, then lean forward again. My hand on your throat, the hitachi pulsing and pushing at your clit.

Your legs give out and I’m holding you up by your cunt, steadying you with my grip on your throat. “P-please.” Your voice is just a whisper.

I loosen my hand. “Not yet.”

“Fuck! Please, miss?”

I can feel your body squirming between me and the wall. I know you’re close to coming no matter what I say.

“Please? I need to come?” That desperation is delicious.

“Not yet.” I switch off the hitachi. “You’re not ready. I want you undressed first.”