[short] Good Boy

My hand grips their hair as hard as I can. I twist my wrist and push my hand down, dragging them by the scalp to their knees. “That’s my good boy. You only need a little direction.” I don’t think they can see me, but my smirk must be audible in my tone.

“Fuck! Princess!”

“Oh, hush, fuckdoll. We both know you like it like this.”

Their cheeks and the tips of their ears turn bright red and their hands move to shield their face.

“Put your hands at your side like a good boy.” My tone is firm.

They follow my instructions without hesitation. “Yes, mistress.”

“That’s a good boy.”

They let out a little moan in response. I twist my fistful of hair a little harder and pull their head forward, against my denim covered hips. My hardening clit pushes at the edge of my panties. I’m sure they can feel it on their cheek through the layers of fabric.


“What is it, fuckdoll?”

Moaning, they fight to form words. “Please?”

“Be a good boy and use your words, baby. I can’t read your mind all the time.”

“Please, mistress? May I eat you out?”


The look of utter devastation on their face almost gets me to change my mind, but I didn’t get where I am by being soft. In any case, I know they are going to enjoy what I want just as much.

“No, fuckdoll, you can’t eat me out because I need to fuck your throat. I’m going to use your face like the filthy slut you are and you’re going to love it. You’ll be a good boy for me and take it?”

Their eyes are wide as they look up at me in rapture. “Yes! I promise!”

“You’ll take everything I give you?”

“I’ll do anything for you, mistress.”

Of course they will. “That’s my good boy! I knew you were a desperate slut for me. I need you to get my pants open and pull my clit out.” I tug on their hair as hard as I dare. I don’t want to pull out their hair. Not quite.

“Fuck!” Their hands reach back to my wrist.

“Fuck boy, you said you’d do whatever I want, but here you are already not following directions.”

“Fuck! Yes, mistress.”

“Now be a good boy and get my cock out.”

Their eyes widen at the word cock. Clearly they weren’t expecting me to switch it up. Even more clearly it turned them on that I did.

I raise my eyebrow.

“Fuck! Yes, mistress.” Their hands fumble at my belt, unbuckling it and letting the leather end hand loose. They grab at the waistband and clumsily unfasten the button. The zipper slides down smoothly. They reach in.

“Good boy.”

Their fingers snake under the elastic on the leg hole of my panties, wrapping around the shaft and popping it free .

“That’s right, baby. Now I want you to rub your cunt. Fuck yourself with your fingers for me.”

Their hands disappear between their thighs.

I grab hold of my cock and tug their mouth into position by their hair.

Their lips are slick with saliva. They are ready, eager.

I thrust forward almost tenderly. I can feel the bump of their hard palate against my glans as I slide deep into their mouth. Their teeth graze my tender skin, but I don’t mind. I like it rough, too. I twist their hair even tighter.

I can see tears welling in their eyes. They are moaning low and steady.

I start thrusting rhythmically, more forcefully.

Their lips close around me. Their tongue massages me.

I thrust faster and deeper, until they can’t even use their tongue anymore.

They are moaning. Their eyes are wide. Tears are streaming down their cheeks. Their face is bright red.

My knuckles are white in their hair.

They grunt out a staccato rhythm.

“You need to come?”

A single relieved grunt.

“Come for me, fuckdoll. Show me what a dirty boy you are. Show me how turned on you are by me fucking your mouth like it’s a cunt.”

Their lips loosen around me and a stream of saliva drips down into the legs of my jeans, accompanied by the animalistic sounds of their orgasm.

“That’s right, fucker. Take it. Take it all. All of this is for you, you filthy slut.”

Their body wracks again. Their throat shudders around my cock.

“That’s right, you’re doing such a good job. Keep going.”

I take one last, firm thrust and let my own orgasm go. My knuckles white as I grip their hair. My other hand pressing the back of their neck so they know I need them to stay there, with my cock deep inside them.

Their tongue massages my clit spasmodically.

Another wave crests over me and I pull back, letting them sputter. I let their hair go and rest my hands on their shoulders.

They try valiantly to not lose any of my come, but some drips down onto my jeans in a glob of spit.

“Fuck. Thank you. You’re such a good boy for me.”

“Th-thank you, princess.”