[short] Garden Party

The party was good, but I still needed to get away. Once a year was still overwhelming. Too many people at all once for my taste. Too much raw sex in the air-not that I have anything against sex, I just want to be able to smell fresh air sometimes over the low hum of arousal. I took a walk to the far side of the deck and looked out over my host’s spacious-and incredibly private-back yard. The hot tub was still bubbling away noisily behind me, the other revelers were giggling and talking.

It was so nice to just stand there cooling off-naked-in the clear summer night air. The breeze teased my nipples as I leaned on the wooden railing. The low lights behind me illuminating some of the lawn and woods, but not enough to make it feel like we were anything more than an island of relative civilization in a wilderness.

I bent over to grab a bottle from the cooler-ice cold water.

“You coming back in?” a soft voice called out right behind me.

I turned my head around to catch sight her. I almost dropped my water bottle. She was gorgeous. She was also naked, like pretty much everyone else here. She wasn’t wet yet. “I’m not sure.”

She walked up close enough behind me that I felt weird with my head turned toward her. I looked back out from the deck. A fingertip strolled over my back, sliding on my damp skin. “Please?”

My pussy twitched at that. She saw me look at her. I might not know her, but she had me if she wanted me.

Her palm pressed against the small of my back gently and slid across so her fingers were cupped around the curve of my waist. “I’m Sara,” she said quietly.

“Hi,” I answered. “I’m Alex”

“I know. We met last year.”

I groaned. I hate when that happens. “I’m sorry. I?”

“It’s okay.” She laughed.

“Last year is a bit of a blur. We didn’t??”

She raised an eyebrow. “Trust me, you’d remember.”

I smiled at her. Her self assuredness was sexy.

She continued, “I was hoping you’d be back.” She leaned in slowly, giving me plenty of time to pull away before her tight nipple skipped across my back, before her lips pressed around my ear.

I moaned, squeezing my thighs tightly together. She had me and she knew it. I turned my face toward her, breaking her contact with my ear. Her breath sussurated, caught by my earlobe. I opened my eyes, though I didn’t remember closing them. She had pulled back her head and was looking straight at me. Her hand slid down my hip, over my ass. I breathed in and licked my lips quickly, tilting my head slightly.

She leaned in close enough for me to taste her breath-sweet with a hint of fruit. I twisted around a touch more to close the gap, my lips pressing against hers, opening to her. Her tongue pressed into my mouth. I remembered to breathe as I opened my eyes again. Somehow in that gloriously infinite moment I had gotten turned all the way around. Her knee was between my legs, one of her hands on my shoulder, the other on my ass. I could feel wetness dripping down my inner thigh, and not from the tub.

I took a deep breath. “Wow.”

She nodded. “Come with me.” Her hand was on my wrist. She stepped away from the railing, away from the tub, and led me down the steps to the yard. Other pairings and groupings had already taken the close spots, so we wandered through the cool grass, further back, beyond a hedge.

She turned me around so the moonlight was falling on my chest and she kneeled in front of me, her knee sinking into to the damp earth. My legs rotated as if on their own, opening slightly to her hand as it traveled up my slick inner thighs. She spread my juices over my skin up toward my pussy.

Her breath was warm as it blew across my curls. She leaned in closer as her fingertips slid easily into me. Her other hand steadied herself on my hip and she inhaled deeply, a look of ecstasy coming over her face. Her tongue reached out, so that the broad center pressed between my folds, just below my clit. She slid her whole mouth up and sealed her lips around me, sucking gently.

My knees buckled. Her shoulders pressed into my thighs, keeping me up as her tongue explored deeper into my, sliding over my clit as she moved her head against my cunt. My fingers tangled in her hair, my nails scratching gently at her neck. She moaned, sending vibrations through me. Her tongue worked faster; her fingers slid in and out of me.

“Yes,” I gasped, my abs tensing. I sputtered a bit and caught my breath. She had me so turned on, so close and we had just gotten out here. Her fingertips curled inside me. I shut my eyes tight and opened my mouth as the pressure built inside me.

I tried to breathe, but my body was locked already. Her tongue moved quickly over my clit. Her finger pressed inside me. I came, gasping and crying out into the rural night. She didn’t stop, coaxing out wave after wave of orgasm until I was bent halfway over her, my hands digging into her scalp, shuddering.

She pulled back and made room on the soft ground for me to come down in front of her, so we could kiss again.