[short] Drop

I stretch my fingers out around her throat. I’m not tightening my grip, just giving her a hint of pressure. Her whole body trembles as she stands there, naked with her feet apart slightly, her hands clenched at her sides.

I bite the skin of her shoulder, feeling her tense up. She’s probably trying really hard to not pull away. I know she gets even more nervous when I’m behind her. Surprises scare her, and I’m all about surprises today. I let her skin slip from my teeth without biting down hard.

I lean into her ear and suck the lobe between my lips, tonguing it softly. She bites her lip and makes a soft noise. I bring my hand up from her lower back so I can pet her hair, my fingertips brushing along the rope I have securing her blindfold. My fingers slide down over the tail of the cord, over the bump from where her gag is buckled, down between her hair along the back of her neck.

I twist my body, leaving space between us on one side. My breast presses against her upper arm. I’m surprised by the sensation of her warm skin against my nipple-I had been concentrating on her sensations so single-mindedly that I had forgotten my own. My teeth tighten gently on her earlobe. My fingers brush down her back slowly.

Her muscles tense before I reach them, anticipating the scant contact with fingertips. I rotate my hand at the base of her spine and push my fingers along her ass, cupping it and holding its curve.

I open my mouth and push her earlobe out so I can whisper. “You’re mine, pet.”

She gives me a single nod, then remembers that I told her not to move.

I give her a single slap, hitting her squarely between her legs with my fingertips. She hops slightly at the firm touch. I tighten my fingers on her throat slightly. I’m not choking her-just tight enough to remind her who is in charge.

I can feel her pulse slow dramatically. Her weight settles down into her legs. That was what she needed-a reminder, no matter how gentle. She’s down. I lean into her shoulder again, taking the skin in my teeth. This time she doesn’t tense up. Instead, she relaxes into it, opening her shoulder to me, tilting her head away slightly.

I bite down hard and slide my fingertips along her slick labia. She sniffle-gasps around her gag. My teeth tighten more, bruising muscles as I suck the skin into my mouth. She moans low.

I love how wet she gets when she’s afraid, but it’s harder for her to let go.

I open her cunt with my fingertips, pushing in with three fingers as I twist my hand around under her. My mouth opens and I let out a possessive, primal roar. I pull my other hand to the side of her neck and push firmly, feeling her sway, then move it right between her shoulder blades. A single, firm push and she’s leaning over, her hands reaching out automatically, pressing against the wall.

I slam my fingers deep into her, pressing my own wetness against her taut thigh. I curl the fingertips into her back, digging my nails in. I fuck her as deeply as I can manage without tearing my pinky off on her pelvis.

She groans and pushes herself back against my hand.

I lean over her, pressing down hard again. “Do you want more?”

She grunts once. She wants it, and she’s ready. I pull my fingers out almost all the way and uncurl my pinky. My hand slides into her in a corkscrew motion, opening her pussy much wider as I press my fingertips against the wall of her vagina.

She grunts in surprise and sensation. Her breathing is rhythmic and shallow around the gag. Her forehead is creased. I scrape down her back with my nails as I fuck her.

I push deep into her, my fingers curling up against the front wall of her pussy, my thumb pressing against her clit. My other hand grabs her hip and holds on, my nails digging into her flesh. She sucks in deeply and holds her breath.

I press myself against her leg. Her thigh is slick from my pussy.

Her cunt starts pulsing around my fingers and she lets out a muffled cry. I rock my hand against her pussy, easing out another orgasm. And another.

As I let her catch her breath, her whole body is shaking.

“Good girl, you did well. You can kneel now.”

She drops to her knees and rests her head against my thigh.