[short] Caught

I step through the doorway. Coming home from work is such a relief after a long day at the office. I drop my purse at the door and hang up my jacket. I slip out of my sandals and my hand snakes up under my shirt to undo my bra. I don’t think there’s anything that would get me to leave the house this afternoon.

Fishing in my sleeves to pull my bra off, I turn and walk toward the bedroom. I don’t see my darling slut around anywhere, so I guess that they might be taking a nap, or maybe out for a walk. Their car is here, so I know they came home. No big deal. I just want to pop into the bedroom and drop off my brano one wants it hanging out in the living room, after all.

I round the corner and push the no-quite-closed door open. The very low sound of buzzing, barely audible over the air purifier, is my first clue that they aren’t napping. After all, they don’t typically nap with their vibrator on.

They are naked, gorgeous. Their eyes are shut tight. Their breathing is ragged and nipples tight. They must be very close to coming.

“Oh, hi there.” I’m trying to avoid startling them.

It happens anyway. They sit up and their eyelids jump up. They lock eyes with me and drop the vibrator. It continues buzzinglouder now that it isn’t pushed halfway up their cunt. “Fuck!” their cheeks and ears flush bright red.

“You really are such a desperate slut you couldn’t wait until I came home?”

“Mistress! I… “ Their blush creeps down their chest to their tits as they let their response trail off.

I stride to the bed and sit down on the edge. My hand cups their chin so I can hold them there. “You were going to come, weren’t you?”

They squeak and nod bashfully.

“I didn’t give you permission to come.”

“Princess, I can…”

“You can do what? Explain that you don’t want to follow the rules?”

“But, I…“

“You just told me you were going to come. You know you’re supposed to ask permission first, don’t you, slut?”

“Yes, princess.”

“You really are too much of a dirty fucking slut to leave alone. You can’t keep your hands off yourself for a half hour before I come home.”

They stare at me in silence.

“I bet it’s even turning you on that I caught you, isn’t it?” I know I’m right by the way they are squirming.

They clench their thighs together. “Princess…”

“What a fucking slut!” I let go of their face to stand up again and slide my skirt and underwear off, letting them fall into a puddle on the floor next to the bed. My hand reaches out to their chest and I push, sending them back onto the bed. I take just a second to pull my top off and toss it aside. We are doing this.

They keep quiet, staring at me in rapture. This might have been their fantasy all along.

I get up on the bed, on my knees and maneuver myself to that I am kneeling on either side of their head, facing their cunt. I lower myself slowly toward their eager mouth.

They whisper, “Thank you, princess.”

I press my hard clit against their lips and chin. “Don’t thank me, fuckdoll. You’ve proven you’re just a slutty boy who needs to be used. I’m just going to give you exactly what you deserve.”

They groan under me.

“Remember, fuckdoll, you don’t get to come until I tell you that you can.”

Their single, affirmative grunt is quickly followed by a plaintive whine. Their tongue presses against the side of my clit as they try to ineffectively give me attention.

I’m not here for their tongue. I want to use their entire face. I start moving my hips so I am grinding on them. “That’s right, fuckdoll. I know that this is how you want to be used.” I slap their cunt. It’s just a gentle tap, but they react by writhing and moaning under me. “Oh, you liked that, didn’t you?”


“I knew you would. You’re such a fucking filthy slut.” Another smack, this time harder.

They moan under me.

“You know I’m not going to let you come for me until you’ve earned it, don’t you?”

“Mmhmm.” They trail off in a whine.

“You really were close when I came home, weren’t you?” I land another smack on their dripping cunt. “I bet this is almost putting you over the edge!” I grab their hips with both hands and put more of my weight on their face, grinding my clit against their cheek and nose.

They whimper under me, pleading with me to let them come.

I start moving faster, letting my own orgasm build up.

They push their thighs together, trying to get some friction.

“Keep your legs spread, slut! I like watching your cunt twitch and beg for me.”

They part their legs again and make a low moaning noise.

I can’t take it anymore. I let my orgasm overtake me. The flush of it rushes up from my toes all the way to my scalp, filling me with a blazing white energy. It crests and I come with a long, low groan. My hips keep going, grinding against their face, now with more lubrication between us.

They groan low under me. They twist and turn. I know they are trying to be good, to avoid the inevitable orgasm. I know they are going to fail.

Their thighs slam together and they become silent. They even stop breathing under me as their orgasms slams through them.

“You really are just a filthy fuckdoll, aren’t you?” There’s love and reverence dripping from my harsh words. They know I needed that as much as they did.

I keep grinding on them, building to my next orgasm. It’s going to be a long afternoon.