[short] Brat

Their grin is so charming as they lean in close to me. I just want to sit up straighter on the edge of the bed and kiss them.

I smile up at them as they lean over me, naked from their shower.

They have other plans. Their hands rest gently on my shoulders as their face comes in close to mine, almost close enough to kiss. Instead of bridging the tiny gap to my lips with theirs, they shift the position of their hands slightly and push me back on the bed forcefully.

My head and shoulders bounce on the mattress. “Fuck!”

Suddenly they are straddling me, their cunt pressed against my clit. “Oh, you like that, don’t you, princess?”

They are using my dominant title to taunt me. I press my hips up into theirs. “Is this your way of telling me you want to be in charge, baby?” I certainly wouldn’t mind subbing for them once in a while, but I already know the answer is no, they just want me to wrest control from them. They need me to put them in their place.

They look me straight in the eyes with a defiant smile on their face. A hand grabs a fistful of my hair and tugs my head to the side. Their lips graze my ear as they whisper in a commanding voice, “Come for me now.”

My eyes close and my vision flashes red as an intense, thought erasing orgasm rushes through me. “Fuck! Oh my god!” Their weight on top of me keeps me from moving too far. I catch my breath and I begin to think again. Using my hypnotic trigger like that is almost unfair, but in the best possible way. After all, I would not have told them about it if I didn’t expect them to use it in their most bratty moments. Still, it is a surprise. “What the fuck?”

They giggle and press their pussy against my clit.

The warmth is so enticing. Part of me wants to give in, to see what they do if they actually win. My pride won’t let that happen, especially since I know it isn’t even close to what they want.

“Why are you complaining? I know you liked that.” Their voice drips sexy power. They would make an excellent dominant if that’s what they wanted.

“Okay, fuckdoll. You’ve had your fun.”

“Come for me now.” Their grin is even wider this time.

I screw my eyes tight and let the orgasm flow through me. I don’t need to worry about it. I don’t need to think about it. I press my teeth together. I can get through this and still act. My clit is twitching on its own, pressing against theirs. Fuck, this is hard, but I can do it.

Their hips are moving on mine. Their wetness dripping over my cunt, coating me. The scent of our arousal fills the air.

I brace my feet on the side of the mattress. My fingers dig into their hips.

“Come for me now, princess.” They are giggling. Maybe they think they’ve won.

I grunt. It’s easier to move now. I let the part of me that’s coming have its fun, but most of me springs into action. I use the mattress as leverage to flip them over onto their back with me on top of them. As I land on the floor with my feet, I pull them by the hips so they are hanging off the bed a little.

Their eyes are wide in shock, as if they had forgotten that I am strong enough to do that. They let out an incoherent yelp.

My left hand finds their mouth and covers it. I can’t have them using that trigger again. Not now. I press my hips into them, forcing my clit against their labia. “I’m in charge, fuckdoll. Don’t forget. You’re mine. Mine to use. Mine to fuck.”

Their hands try to grab on to me, but all they can grab are my wrist and my tit. The one on my wrist isn’t going to move that hand from their mouth. Their fingers dig into my nipple, rough enough that they are almost threatening to tear it off.

It feels so good.

My hips rock forward and back against them. My free hand repositions my clit so that the tip is pressing between their labia. I slide forward, into them.

Their eyes close tight then open, staring into mine. The way they look at me has shifted. No longer the brat they have been pretending to be, they are the eager slut again. Their hands drop from what they were doing in slow motion. I know I’ve won.

So have they. This is exactly what they wanted.

I angle my hips so the tip of my clit is pressing into their g-spot.

They grunt at me. Their eyes are pleading.

“You want to come for me, don’t you baby?”

A single grunt.

“Not yet, darling fuckdoll. Now it’s time for me to get what I want. If you’re a good boy maybe I’ll let you come later.”

The look of blissful frustration on their face is exactly what I need to push me over the edge into an orgasm I can enjoy.