[short] Blushing

I buckle on the collar and they let out a low moan. I almost can’t hear it, it is so soft. “That’s right, love. I know this is what you need.” We’ve been going back and forth with me wrestling them down and putting them in their place all afternoon, lazily establishing dominance and letting it slip away so we can start over again. I think maybe, just maybe, they have reached the point where they want to give in completely.

“Yes, mistress.” They swallow and wriggle a bit.

I can spot the brattiness building. I grab the ring on the collar and bring their lips to mine for a kiss. That action–tugging the ring until they are able to kiss me–brings them up on their knees. My right hand lets go of the collar and I press it flat against their upper chest, making a vee for their throat.

Their lips part as I taste them.

My palm presses explosively into them so they are down on their back, on the bed in just a moment.


I grab their thighs and pull upward so their legs are not twisted up under them before I tug their hips right into my strap. Their torso follows, dragged along the bed like a blanket.

Their eyes are wide as they examine the ceiling. Their hands are splayed on the duvet cover. They aren’t even thinking about being a brat anymore, they can’t imagine rebelling. They are just experiencing what I want to give them. They are fully present.

“That’s right, fuckdoll. You’re mine.” I’m grinning. “I get to do whatever I want to you.”

They nod. I doubt they can form any words.

The tip of my pink silicone cock presses against their labia, but I don’t push forward with my hips. Not yet. Instead I just rock them slightly, dragging the weight of it over their opening again and again.

Their jaw clenches. Their fingers dig into the bedding.

“What’s that? Did you need something?”

They groan and start moving their hips. They can’t thrust or anything like that. I’m holding their thighs up so they have no leverage. They just push back a little, trying to get more, trying to force the cock into them.

I giggle softly. “Oh no! Is this what you want?” I press forward with my hips, gently parting their labia and pressing about a half inch of the cock in.

They nod. “P-please?”

“Promise you’ll be good for me?”

Their right hand covers their bright red face. They nod.

I start to pull back.

“I…” They groan. “Fuck! I promise, princess.”

I lean forward to slide my left arm under them so I can take their weight that way, freeing my right hand to guide the cock into them. I thrust firmly, roughly. Just once. “That’s my good slut! Always desperate to get fucked.”

Both hands are in front of their face, shielding themself from me.

My right hand finds their hip and I grab on tightly. I start thrusting slowly, building up speed and intensity.

Their thighs start to shake.

“You’re that close to coming? Just from this?”

They nod frantically behind the screen of their hands.

“Not yet, fuckdoll. I need to see your face.”

Their hands move to their chest, clasped together. Their eyes are wide open staring at me in reverence. Their entire face is red. “P-please?”

I start pounding into them harder, angling my cock to brush along their g-spot with each thrust.

“Please, princess?! Fuck! Please? I need to come!”

“Come for me, slut. Come for your mistress. Show me what a good fuckdoll you are.”

They suck in air and hold it as their body convulses.

“Show me that you’re mine. All mine.”

They let out an animalistic noise of pleasure.

“That’s right, baby. You’re mine. My good boy. My fuckdoll. My slut.” Each syllable a thrust deep into their cunt.

Another wave of orgasm blasts through them as they give themself over completely to the experience.