[short] Bathroom Sex

We barely enter the club and she grabs my hand and tugs me away from the bar. Before I know it, I’m in wedged into a bathroom stall with her hands on my shoulders, pushing me down to my knees. My linen skirt bundles up around my knees and overflows out into the next stall. This would probably be embarrassing if I thought about it.

She giggles and her hand leaves my shoulder.

I look up at her, watching her. I can see the excitement in her eyes.

She pulls her checked shirt out of her tight jeans, pushing it up as she unbuckles her belt.

I know my cue. I unbutton her pants and unzip the fly. She’s not wearing any underwear. Her glittery strap on is laying there, loud and proud against her leg. My fingers slide along its length and tug it out of its tight denim prison. I smile. This is the cock that can shoot come. Even though I doubt she’s packing come tonight, it always turns me on to play with this one. That’s just the kind of girl I am.

Her hand moves from my shoulder the back of my head, bunching up my curls.

I wrap my hand around her cock and start sliding it up and down along the length. I know she wants me to suck her, but I’m trying to restrain myself a little bit. Anticipation is half the fun.

The other half is the danger of being caught. As if on cue, the door back to the club opens and we’re surrounded by loud beats mixing 80s rock with something I don’t recognize. Our new neighbor sits down in the next stall and pushes my skirt back under the partition. I can feel the blood rushing to my face. I must be beet red, but the embarrassment turns me on even more, even though this is clearly marked as the bathroom people use for sex here. If they had wanted to be left alone they would have gone to the other one.

Chris moans as she thrusts her hips against my hand’s rhythms.

The third half of the fun (I’m bad at math when I’m this turned on), of course, is the cock sucking. I love getting her off with my mouth. I lean forward and open my mouth. My lips surround the glittery head of the cock and I suck it in. I smile up at her, watching her reaction. I know she loves how I smile with a cock in my mouth. She’s told me often enough.

My tongue slides along the dildo’s opening, teasing it even though she can’t feel me.

Her hand presses the back of my head, urging me forward.

I lean forward, letting go with my hand and steadying myself against her hips.

The urging has turned to insistence. Her hand presses hard on the back of my head and she’s rocking in and out with her hips. The head of her cock slides along my hard palate and then finds the back of my throat.

“That’s right, slut. Take it all.”

The toilet next of us flushes.

When did her arms get this fucking strong? She pushes on the back of my head while pressing the cock deeper into my throat, blocking all of my air.

I relax into it. I can feel the rhythm of her fucking my face deep in my cunt.

She slams the cock into my throat harder and harder.

I open my mouth wider trying to get air in past the dildo. A stream of saliva drips down my lips, over my chin, and onto my tits. That’s certainly going to be visible on my light top when we get out.

She presses her cock hard into my throat again, holding it there.

My tongue massages the underside of the dildo. I can feel her pulsing and twitching through the silicone.

Her breath is ragged and her face is red. She’s so close.

Her fist tightens on my hair and yanks me off the cock, pulling my head backward.

I gasp in my first sweet breath of air in what feels like forever.

She moans, low as her cock starts spurting across my face and chest, covering me in slimy ejaculate. As the first splash hits me, she screams out, “Fuck, yes!”

My vision starts to clear. I look up at her, smiling. I’m ready for more, ready for whatever she wants to do with me.

Her breathing returns to normal. She pulls me up by my hair—slowly but insistently so she isn’t hurting me. She briefly kisses my come covered lips and whispers, “Now you’re ready to go dancing.”