[short] A Trail of Bitemarks

I tie her up, lovingly encasing her body in rope so she can’t move. Her arms are tight behind her back. Her legs bent and tied to her chest. She’s exposed and vulnerable.

I look into her eyes, seeing the questions, the wonder about what’s coming next. I smile and lean over to plant my lips on her side. I open my mouth and suck in some skin. My tongue licks it playfully. I bite down slowly, feeling her try to squirm under me.


I moan into her skin.

I shift down her side. Leaving the lipstick smeared outline of my bite behind. I lay my mouth on her again, giving her a wet kiss before I bite down on a larger piece of skin than last time.

She moans through a closed mouth.

Slowly I make my way down her side—little bites become bigger ones. I drag my tongue between each spot, connecting them in a chain. I take in more skin, sink my teeth in deeper. By the time I am near her waist I am sucking hard on her skin, leaving a trail of bite marks and hickeys down her body.

I trace the curve of her inner thighs with my fingernails, scratching lightly—then more firmly. I move them up and down her legs, almost—but not quite—reaching her pussy with each long circuit. I want her to beg for more. She knows it.

“Baby, I love you. I wanna eat you out so badly. Please?”

“No. Not yet.”

My nails drag in circles on her inner thighs as I bite across her stomach, one deliciously slow mouthful at a time.

“Please, don’t stop! I need more!”

I reach her mound. My chin brushes against her labia as I slowly drag my tongue down over her opening. She twitches at the direct contact. I part her lips with mine, sliding my tongue in to taste her. I moan low into her cunt.

My hands grip her thighs tightly. My fingers digging in as I push her legs hard up toward her chest. My fingers white from the pressure. Her legs strain against the ropes as I press my open mouth against her vulva, sucking her clit in and against it with my tongue.

I slide my tongue across her clit as I move my head—fucking her with my face. I moan against her. She’s trying to squirm under me.

“Fuck, yes! Finish me! Hurt me!”

My left hand grips her leg tighter. My right presses against her cunt and I press three fingers into her, curving them upwards inside her. She opens easily to me.

My whole body moves against her, my shoulders pounding into her legs, my fingers thrusting inside her. Each thrust is rougher than the last. I suck her clit as far as I can into my mouth. My teeth press into her clitoral hood, holding it still as I lick lightly, quickly.

I can feel her orgasm building as I slip a fourth finger into her. My thumb presses hard into the crease where her leg meets her pelvis. My fingers slides easily in her, stretching her pussy wide open.

I open my mouth, letting my saliva drip down as I turn my head to her thigh. My thumb moves over to her clit, rubbing across it with each thrust of my arm. My teeth sink into her inner thigh. I bite down hard as her orgasm crests.

I bite even more firmly, matching the pulsing in her cunt.