[short] A Ride in the Woods

I let the bike idle for a second before I kill the engine. The thumpy twin has my clit tingling already, though it probably helps a little that she’s pressed up tight behind me, the only thing between us, aside from my leather jacket and our clothes, is my knife in its sheath in my waistband. I turn my head to look over my left shoulder. “You can get off now.”

“Yeah?” She stands on the pegs without even using my shoulders to balance and swings her leg over behind her before she steps down as if it’s no big deal.

“You’ve done this before?” I let the bike settle onto the kickstand and get off, standing and stretching on the gravel shoulder.

She pulls the borrowed helmet off and looks me in the eyes. Her cheeks are bright red. “Not like this.”

I giggle and take my own helmet off. We are in the middle of nowhere just off of a dirt trail deep in the woods. I guess this is a bit outside her experience. “Fair enough.” If I’m honest, it’s been a while for me as well. I take her helmet and hook them both on the back of the bike. Good enough for a deserted stretch of road in the woods. “Ready to get fucked to within an inch of your life, deep in the woods? That is what you asked for, isn’t it?”

“Y-yes.” Her ears are bright red now.

“That’s my good girl. Follow me.” I reach out to her, extending my fingers so she knows I want to take her hand.

Her hand barely touches mine, but she does take it. It’s as if she is scared of me. It’s adorable that after all we’ve been through, after all we’ve said to each other, she’s still a little scared. I think she likes it that way.

“It’s okay. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to.”

“I know, but…”

I raise my eyebrow and wait. I know what’s coming next, or at least I know what I want to come next.

She does not disappoint. She clears her throat and whispers, “I just want so much.”

“I know. You really are a disgusting slut. I am going to have so much fun with you. Now, follow me like a good girl. I’ll give you everything you need.”

We don’t go far. I just want her away from the bike a bit, over the hill along the trail. I want to be sure no one is going to just wander into us. “Get over by the tree. Let me look at you.”

She stands with her back against the tree. Her jacket is tossed aside, out of the way.

I let my gaze travel up and down her, from the boots and jeans I asked her to wear up to the tank top and her hair tied back at the base of her neck. She looks like a fucking angel. I definitely need to fix that. By the time we are done, she’s going to look like a pack of demons has had their way with her.

Without thinking about it, I reach behind me to the small of my back to pull my knife out. The damascus blade glitters in the dappled sunlight. I take a step into her.

She gasps and moves back about six inchesright against the sticky, rough bark at her back.

“You’re afraid of a little knife, slut?”

She doesn’t respond for a moment. I think the situation just got very real for her. She swallows.

I raise my eyebrow.

“Yes, Miss.”

“If you’re goodif you listenI won’t have to use it… much.” We talked about this. We talked about how far I could push her. We talked about safewording and how I want to make this a good experience for her.

Still, I’m terrified that she’s panicking.

“I know, Miss. I want to be good for you.”

That’s all I needed, for her to remind me that she wants this, that she’s not paralyzed with fear.

My left hand finds the button on her jeans. My thumb flicks it undone and I unzip her. Both of my hands grab her waistbandthe knife coming very close to her but safely away from her skinas I push her pants down.

Her eyes are open wide.

I lean in to whisper in her ear. “You’re mine. I can do what I want.”

Her eyes soften, pools of green under a bright sheen. Her hands reach back to steady herself on the tree.

My left hand grabs the waistband of her panties, pulling it from her body so the knife can slice through it. I repeat the process on the crotch and the useless fabric comes away from her body in my left hand.

I am grinning at her as I shove it into her mouth. “That’s a good girl. I can’t have you being too loud as I fuck you. You’ll scare away all the wildlife.” As if my bike didn’t already do that.

I bring the knife up to her throat and rest the razor sharp blade against her skin. My knuckles rest on her skin so I know if I need to move away so I don’t hurt her for real. I stare into her eyes as my left hand attacks her dripping cunt. Fingers bury themselves inside her and my thumb glides over her clit. I wish I could kiss her, but the panty-gag is in the way. My tongue reaches out to lick across her upper lip anyway.

I fuck her with my left hand, subtly pushing her upward with each thrust. I think she’s on her tiptoes now, trying to not settle down against the knife at her neck. Her cunt is pulsing around my fingers. My thumb lightly strums her clit, once.

The moan vibrates through her chest. Her eyelids bat quickly as if she’s trying to communicate.

“You want to cum, don’t you? This is what makes you wet? Having a big, strong queer fuck you in the woods at knifepoint with your own panties in your mouth?”

Her head bobs in the barest suggestion of a nod. The knife knicks her neck anyway and a thin stream of blood trickles down her body.

“Baby, you should save some of that energy for when I fill you up with my cock.”

Her eyes go wide. I guess she didn’t realize I was packing. That’s okay, I like surprising you.

“That’s right. I’m going to fill you up with come and then make you ride back with me in a pool of our juices.”

That’s when the orgasm crests. She can’t hold it off anymore. She’s moaning and writhing.

I move the blade away so I don’t hurt her. “Fuck! you are such a pathetic slut. I love it.”